Ni hao ma ??

May 31, 2009 iPai 7 Comments

Salam ..

Ok .. Last semester I took LAC 100, which is, Mandarin Language Level 100 (lowest level) .. Every student need to complete 150+ credit hour to graduate (4 year course), and for USM student, 3 units are for Ko-k (1 unit per sem), 'ability' course (2 unit or 1 unit, not sure, eg : guitar, scuba diving, drama, thinking thecnic [yeah, you need someone else to teach you how to think, lol]) and lastly foreign language (2 units).

So, I decided to take foreign quite a while (since 1st year) ... top options are Japanese and Mandarin .. I started to do some survey to seniors ... These are the outcomes of the survey ;

"If you want to get A easily just take Arabic, LAA 100. You definitely get A. Good for your pointer"

"Take language that people didn't take it, eg : Russia, German, France. Easy to get A"

"Don't take mandarin. That is the most difficult language that you wanna score"

Yeah, that from senior. From my batch, I would say that :

95 % Malay student take Arabic

98 % Chinese student take Korean

else - other language


6 student from Chemical Eng 2nd year take Mandarin .. uhuhuh ... and 1 of them were myself ..

Wanna my advice for mandarin ?? Don't take it .. It's really hard language ... If you really wanna take it, make sure you have lots of leisure time to learn that language .. For me, in mandarin you have to remember a lot ... in other words, you must have language trait in your brain or memorizing brain ...

Mandarin is difficult because you don't have to spell it, but memorize how its look like ...

in Malay or English, u might to spell it to pronounce it,

example, B . O . O . K , "Book" or

B . U , "Bu" K . U , "Ku" , "Buku" ...

so, every word in Mandarin have their own unique word (its shape), how to write, and even the sound have their own level of sound ... I don't have any idea, on how many the exact number of all word ... there are maybe 10^9 words ...

To make it clear, I have a simple software, (Thank you to Najmi, former roomate), called Wakan ... some sort like dictionary ...

As you can see there (just click on it for better view), I type 'hao', and, at the bottom, all possible 'hao' will appear ... note that, every at the a word, there is a line, that is the symbolic for the level of sound ... 'hao' that I mark meaning is good ...

So, a lot of thing you have to remember .. even my chinese friends said that, what we learned were a bit difficult for non-native speaker .... but my class was quite fun ... luckily Miss Khor Gek Suan, the one and only mandarin teacher in Engenireening Campus ... uhuhu ... she is cute ... heheh

and I like when she told us story ... for example the word for women, she told us, how the word transform from a liltle girl word to the housewife women word (the story quite long) ... Another story that she told us, were about her lecturer in UM ... she said, the lecturer are from Hong Kong, and his lecturer speak in Mandarin in lecture hall ... So, maybe the way that their speak will be quite a different ... and she told us, the student in class can't really understand what he talking about ... and wow, even mandarin speakers cannot interact each other .... lol

Then, I learn 1 new song ... (actually some kids song), thanks to Najmi also, who play this song for 100 times (maybe), till I can memorize it a bit ... Yeah, this song help me a lot, in pronounciation ... you have to pronounce it right or, mandarin speaker will not understand you ... Plus, this song like explain my condition in that time ... don't get me started about that ... so this is the song ...

Ai Mei By Rainie Yang (Ai Mei, ai is love, mei, I don't know ... lol .. but, my chinese friend explain to me the meaning ... ok, ready to read the meaning ? Ai mei ; is like someone that you like but you didn't sure, if he/she is the right person for you ... lol .. quite long eh ?)

Ok, these are the lyrics .. Taken from, er, didn't remember ... Sori ... but credit for the source ..






Ai mei rang ren shou jin wei qu

Zhao bu dao xiang ai de zheng ju

He shi gai qian jin he shi gai fang qi

Lian yong bao dou mei you yong qi

Ambiguous let people feel wronged

Could not find the evidence of loving each other

When should go forward, when should give up

Even do not have courage to hug





Ai mei rang ren bian de tan xin

Zhi dao deng dai shi qu yi yi

Wu nai wo he ni xie bu chu jie ju

Fang yi han de mei li

Ambiguous make people become greedy

Until waiting lost its means

Pity that me and you could not write out an ending

To put the regretful beauty





Zhi neng pei ni dao zhe li

Bi jing you xie shi bu ke yi

Chao guo le you qing hai bu dao ai qing

Yuan fang jiu yao xia yu de feng jing

Only can accompany you till here

Afterall there are some disallow matters

Surpassing friendship still not reaching the love stage

The scenery in the distant location is going to rain






Dao di gai bu gai ku qi

Xiang tao duo shi wo hai xiang ni

Wo hen bu fu qi

Ye kai shi huai yu

Yan qian de ren shi bu shi tong yi ge zhen shi de ni

Should or should not cry

Thinking too much I still think of you

I feel very inconvincing

and starting to doubt

Is the person in front of me the same real you

Sing a long with the video ... karaoke time ... lol ... so, have fun ...

Ok .. Notice that, for word with 'q' you have to pronounce it with 'ch' ... and for 'x' is pronounce if u have a 'c' word ... eg, 'xi' you pronounce it as 'si' that much alike alphabate 'c' ... 'xu' is 'su' s with similar to c but not 'cu' ...

So, why I took mandarin and not Japanese ... I thought that, I can use it to interact with my chinese friend ... but, sadly, you have to learn lots more to have a conversation with them ... They said that, the word that they use every day are only just a bit portion of the entire word in mandarin ... There is lots more ... and maybe, what I'm learning, is 0.01% of the word ...

(if you get some word with square shape in lyric part, that's mean, your laptop have problem with foreign language)


Mari menonton !!!

May 31, 2009 iPai 7 Comments

Salam ... saja je nak bg korg tonton2 video ... heheh

Patapon 1 - Ending

Patapon 2 - Ending

Patapon 2 - Last Boss

- the one with red mask is the hero

Patapon 2 - Crab Battle

- ouh ... I really hate this boss ... really frustrating ... quite hard ...

Patapon 2 - Hero Trailer

Final Fantasy Crisis Core - Ending (Currently playing for 2nd times)

- the ending is very sad .. really sad ... Zack sacrifice his life for Cloud Strife (hero the final fantasy 7 - PS1)

Rock Band Unplugged - Review

- next game that I will be playing .. maybe ..


Prestige 3rd Edition

May 29, 2009 iPai 5 Comments


Yeah ... The Prestige 3rd Edition are finished ... Thanx to Dark Light for all his assistance .. Wanna see the cover page ??

Ok. This cover is made by Dark Light. With my help for the ilham (LOL .. puji diri sendiri plak)

So, Dr Afta was very grateful for the this magazine. It is not magazine actually. It is a planner, with a lots of information about desasiswa (Kolej kediamaan bagi Univ lain) .. And like I told in previous post, this edition, has a unique feature. You can transform it, from the booklet form, to calendar form (triangle).

Sweet. Luckily for the upcoming first year student. They will get this magazine.

Yesterday, Dr Afta told me that, both edition that we made (2nd edition and 3rd edition), will also be place at the mini museum for 20th Aniversary of Desasiswa Jaya. huhuuhuh. Then, the next 20 years, I can come back to desa, and claim that, I'm the Editor for both book in that glass cubicle .. (berlagak sungguh)

huhuh ... So, now the Prestige 3rd Edition, will be going for publisher and printing process.



May 26, 2009 iPai 8 Comments

Salam ..

Yeah ... Due to my previous post, PON! PON! PATA! PON!, shorts explaination bout the PATAPON game.

Now, I wanna you all to experience with it. heheh. Wanna give a try ?

Click here. Plus, you can download it. This flash game is not exactly what you will play in PSP, but at least, you can experience a bit.heheh. I try to put the game here ok ..

Edited 2255, 2009 May 26.. Try to put the game .. Fail
Edited 2302, 2009 May 26 ..Try to put the game again with other method .. Fail
Edited 2307, 2009 May 26 .. Check the code again .. Yeay !!

Ok .. Just wanna add up few things about PATAPON 2 ... heheh ...
-in PATAPON 2 you can play multiplayer .. uhuh .. sweet stuff .. you can multiplayer up to 4 player and show of your very own powerful hero.
-So what is a hero? In PATAPON hero is the major winning factor. Without him, you will get no where. uhuh . Very powerful and you will 'design' it to make powerful. LOL. So in multiplayer, that I just mentioned above, you can show off your hero. In multiplayer mood, we can see who get the strongest attack.
-In this game, you really have to concentrate to the beat. When I played this game, I'm wearing an earphone, and really turned up the volume, till I can't hear my roommate calling me, while he standing mere beside me. LOL. Really have to concentrate.
-The thing I had the most is, the evolution map. Gosh, it is too complicated, to enhance your patapon army. Really hate this system but I agreed that this will make the game more adventurous. uhuhu..

Ok, enjoy with the flash patapon


Pernah anda terfikir ...

May 26, 2009 iPai 3 Comments

Salam ...

Pernah anda terfikir, yang sebenarnya anda bukan diri anda yang sebenarnya apabila berada di depan orang ramai, di depan kawan-kawan, di depan keluarga malah di mana-mana sahaja. Mungkin anda sedar yang, itu yang berlaku pada anda dan mungkin juga anda adalah orang yang yang di suka berbuat demikian kerana bagi anda berpura-pura itu tdak baik.

Pernah anda terfikir, bagaimana perasaan mereka yang di sekeliling anda tahu siapa diri sebenar anda. Adakah mereka akan menerima anda, ataupun mereka semua terlalu terkejut kerana kawan mereka yang di sangka baik itu, tidak sebaik mana pun.

Saya tidak layak untuk perkara-perkara tersebut kerana saya orang jahat. Anda tidak percaya? Kerana anda sendiri tidak tahu dan kerana anda pun sudah terpedaya dengan tipu helah 'baik' saya.


Seorang kawan bertanya,
"Apakah benda jahat yang kau dah buat? Ceritakanlah kepada aku. Mana tahu, aku boleh tolong kau."

Kawannya menjawab,
"Kau tak kan faham apa yang telah aku lakukan. Tidak ada gunanya untuk membuat kau faham. Aku telah membuat sesuatu yang jahat. Membuat dosa"

"Apa yang kau telah buat?"

"Ah. Kau takkan faham. Ia lebih teruk daripada mebunuh. Lagi teruk daripada membunuh"

"Adakah kau telah memfitnah seseorang?"

"Aku dah kata kau takkan faham. Apakah beza orang yang melakukan fitnah dan orang yang membunuh? Orang yang memfitnah, orang yang menggunakan mulutnya untuk mengatakan sesuatu yang buruk kepada orang lain. Dan membunuh, orang yang mengambil nyawa orang lain secara paksa. Kau tahu kan apa itu bunuh?"


"Kau takkan faham"

(post ini angker sket. No comment pliz)


Semester's Holiday

May 22, 2009 iPai 5 Comments

Salam ..

Probably I would received lots of sms, asking what are my activity during the holiday. So, I would like to share it now.

First of all, I would explain why I am in USM during the holiday. I'm being an editor and graphic designer for a magazine/magazine about my desasiswa (other Univ call it as Kolej Kediaman).This is for the new APEX student free gift. uhuhuh

Ok, this is one my favourite page that I designed. Thanx to Dark Light for his idea - theme. When I wanna to start designing it, suddenly an ilham came through me, and this is the result. This year concept is simple and trendy.(Last year was elegant). Yeah we have been designing this diary for 2 year in rows and maybe there will be no next year for us, because we going to LI. New feature of this year diary is we try to make this diary that can be transform to a triangle stand calendar. So it's like it have dual function. Diary and calendar. And if you noticed that, under the logo with D shape (Dark Light's logo), there is a comercial. hehehe. Sweet huh. Just click the picture to have a clear view of it. Thanx to Dark Light again for redesign my logo (now I don't to have to hear your lecture bout my logo so 'budak-budak' ... heheh .. jangan marah)

My next activity, spent lot of time with my Peah ... LOL ... actually is my PSP .. ok, just bought it, few months ago (2nd hand, half priced, still good condition, phat PSP, and the most important is, PIANO BLACK) .. try to finish my favourite game .. uhuh ... So, i finish PATAPON and PATAPON 2 (old post at my old blog : PON PON PATA PON), other game, er I forgot. LOL. Now I'm playing Final Fantasy : Crisis Core (Actually I already finished this game). But, not 24 hour with Peah, cause we are human, and human still need to social with others.

All in all, don't worry, I'm still going back home on weekend (some weekends) and planning to stay at home on 3rd week of June (maybe). That's all


Ta-da-da !!!

May 22, 2009 iPai 12 Comments

Salam ...

Finally, after countless recommendation of my friend (Dark Light) to make a proper blog, I made it at last.

Before this blog is created, I'm posting blog at :

Yup! At friendster's blog. uhuhu . Because, at first I thought I want to make just a simple blog. A blog that just have a function to post a blog (yeah everyone knew that). But later, people's demand expanded,I'm not excluded and that happened to me. I realized that Friendster's Blog doesn't have any extended function. So, long story cut it short, ta-da-da. Here I am.

So, the title of this blog is 'Reminiscence | iPai'. Yeah, maybe it's quite lame. But, that is the only name that suit for me (maybe). I don't have an extreme poetic part inside of me to find a bombastic word. uhuh. So, why I choose these name? Yeah, I think it's reflect the purpose for my blog and it is different that I have at Friendster's Blog 'The Way Of My Life'.

Ok, for older post you can just click at that hyperlink and have a read.
Ok. I have to go now. Dr. Afta waiting for me for the presentation of Prestige 3rd Edition. Yeah, later I will tell you about it.