Bachelor Day Out

April 11, 2010 iPai 4 Comments

Salam... Gambr menunjukkan set Chicken Delight A,RFC Sungai Petani Kedah..huhu.owh yeah.kami rasa juga rfc ni..huhu.. Perjalanan kami bermula pg td dgn mandi manda d Lata Bukit Hijau,9.30am.. 2nd time mandi kat situ sampai pkul 1pm.. Kemudian bergerak ke Central Square utk solat zohor,main pool n solat asar.dan akhirnya dcni,RFC.huhu.nak balik,nak rehat,esok nak study kuat2 utk final exam. Kami-aku,nuar,naim,bob,saufi,raja,syahmi,n most importantly Dr.MHU..


Persiapan untuk XPDC Gegar Kedah

April 11, 2010 iPai 0 Comments

Salam.. Yup... Gambr menunjukkan kami2 yg sdang berehat setelah slesai mmbuat persiapan utk XPDC Gegar Kedah; peram ayam n masak tuna.. Pagi karang kene bangun awal dan bgerak ke rumah Dr MHU utk persiapan terakhir.huhu.. Owh yeah.release tensen sebelum nak pulun kat study week.. Yosh..Kepada rakan2 lain,selamat berstudy week n gud luck in exam.. Cheera


Selamat Besday Put

April 10, 2010 iPai 0 Comments

Salam...selamat besday put (in pink)..mkn kfc..cik abg sygnya yg belanja...yg lain2 dlm gmbr adlah kwn2 yg seperti family..ucapan kpd put, semoga pjg umur,dmurah rezki,cpt kawin...update via Nokia XpressMusic 5730..


Buku besau

April 08, 2010 iPai 0 Comments


Baru balik drpd library.6.20pm.niat d hati nak blek lg lmbt,tp memandangkan syahmi teramik nota aku,kene la balik awal.ntah smpt study abes atau x,mlm ad meeting lagi.adui

Sbelum balik,ni haa,ada buku plg besar yg aku penah jmpa.tepi tu aku letak kalkulator aku n dgn buku saiz A4 aku.buku arkitek design 1dunia..mukasurat yg terbukak tu gmbr UTP.

Dah2.balik cpt.g mandi.jap g meeting.


Study Transport Phenomena plak

April 08, 2010 iPai 0 Comments

Yup.semalam test,dan esok test lagi.mlm karang ad meeting.test semalam dpt teruk,Dr.MHU bebel2 sebab dapat teruk.

hmm,test part Dr.Derek ni lambt sket dapat tau,jadi xdpt nak ubah tarikh meeting.

Meeting plak,meeting last MPDJ.lebih kurang meeting pengulungan.harapnya habis awal,sebab nak pg study.(mesti habis lewat,sebab Dr Afta ada)

Hari ni masuk library.hehe.lama dah xmasuk.dah lain dah..huhu..mcm malu gile, bila masuk,macam ayam masuk mmg cantik skit.xbanyak,skit je.

Hee.nak study la.
~td ada org call tanya pasal byaran PO.adoiyai..lambat ye jab. bendahari wat keje~

Mari study dan selesaikan masalah PO.Serta, ingatkan org pasal meeting malam ni.serta cari bob.

Update via Nokia ExpressMusic 5730~


Mission Acomplished

April 06, 2010 iPai 0 Comments

Tgh study ekc314.dr MHU part,sambil minum Peel fresh.dan juga,sambil2 eager nak try MMS blog update.hee.(xsedar dr esok test susah).hee.mari study.if u seeing this,Mission Acomplished.


April 06, 2010 iPai 2 Comments

Ok.try anta mms kat alamat emel yg sama.kui3.


testing emel update pakai hp plak

April 06, 2010 iPai 0 Comments

salam.wah..besok pg nak test reactor design,part dr MHU..susah woo.alo.xleh nak attach gmbr r.


Testing Email update

April 05, 2010 iPai 1 Comments

Salam ..

Saja2 nak testing emel update .. MMS update tak lepas nak daftar pon .. dah 10x try dah .. maka, guna emel update laa .. hp pon leh connect 3G .. leh guna emel ..

Maka testing dgn gambar sekali ..



April 04, 2010 iPai 0 Comments

Salam ..

It is dark, cold with little frog sound .. Night .. feel nothing .. I should starting my revision on Reactor Design of Dr. Hekarl's part ... his part is really difficult ... it is like you it but actually you dont understand it .. uhuhuhh ..

Wanna chat with MGA, but she would like to have some quality of time by herself to calm down .. sori for not being helpful and double the apologize for making it worse just now ..

so, I went to facebook to add up 1 picture of room's partition for survey .. then, continue to browse the picture .. then I came to this picture

It is a MPDJ's picture ... We went for a short course with other MPD (including Minden Campus) at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort for 1 day ..

When this picture was taken, I barely know any person in this picture .. then, how should I give orders to them .. how should lead them ..

And I tried everything I could to maximize the capabilities of others .. and I think, thats all that I can do .. sori ..

And not to forget, thank you for giving me opportunity to experience it .. sumtimes it can reach to hard breaking decision ..



A few minutes later ..

April 04, 2010 iPai 0 Comments


yup, a few minutes later, you think you already found out one suitable journal paper that suit your tittle .. n it is 'Spray Drying of Food Products: 1. Simulation Model by J. Straatsma, G Van Houwenlingen, A.E Steenbergen and P. De Jong that been received 26 February 1999 ..

so, lets finish up the assignment and later you can start study for Reactor Design and Analysis.. uhuhu ..

Hoping that this is the suitable journal .. The task is to find the application on industry in mass transfer or heat transfer examples, in which in Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical .. mine the easiest one because my part is, cartesian in x direction only .. hahah

So, while helping my MGA on adobe photoshop, lets do our very best in what we are doing, like my roomate .. he is watching something while playing Castle Age of Facebook .. Lets GAMBATE for him too !!


And after that ..

April 04, 2010 iPai 2 Comments

Salam ..

And after that, if you start to blog, you realize that you forgot to tell something in previous post .. so you decided to post the next blog (that would be me, right now)

Then, after you explaining of your situation (above) you starting to forget the material that you wanna post ..

Then, you start thinking ..

(Thinking time) ~~~~~ Tik tok tik ..

After a while, Oh yes, you remember ..

You wanna tell about there is something wrong with your favorite handphone .. its happen when you find out that the sensor that make your handphone will flip to horizontal view is not in place (which refer to the handphone)

And after that, you realize that is look dump to tell everyone about this funny story (maybe not for you) ..

And you might consider to stop typing and just click the 'Publish Post' Button


MMS Blogging

April 04, 2010 iPai 0 Comments

Salam ..

It is hard to find time to blog these days ..

So I decided to start up my MMS blogging ..

But, I dont even know what's the problem is, it is already pass 2 hour and I still cant register .. uhuhuh ..

Doing multiple job, finding resources for my assignment .. I thought my tittle is the simplest one and I can finish it up early, but its end up to be a difficult to find info in the internet ... because it is too simple .. lorghh ..

Yawning ~~ !! I havent go jog for days .. my heart start to decrease the blood flow rate, and thats contribute to the exhaustion .. uhuuh .. Do I use the correct word ?? hahaha .. yesterday I got 8 hours and 30 minutes for my sleep .. yup, the low flow rate contribute to the sleepiness .. must jog today !!

Ok .. thinking about next weekend ; Wanna goo back home or not .. ? Trivia guys !!

Thats all for today !!