Update 21st Jan 2010

June 21, 2010 iPai 0 Comments

Salam 21 June,6.21pm, lvl 19,Tower 1, KLCC <- (Berlagak sungguh)

uhuhuh.. hari ni kan special sket ... Cik MGA datang melawat .. dia dah abes kursus selepas grad die, dan hari ni dia ada interview kat Menara Atlan. Dekat saja dgn KLCC. Maka dapat lunch dengan dia dan rakan2nya. Makan pizza.. dan ade sedikit isu lepas tuh.

Tinggal lagi 3 minggu lagi nak abes.Yeah.. Gaji May baru masuk, hahah.lambat sebab orang baru kot. Boleh r pergi ajar orang adobe photoshop.Opss.

Tadi juga, Dr Suzy datang melawat. Pensyarah yang best dia ni, penah keja dgn Slumberger, 5 tahun (baru tahu tadi). Tiba-tiba ada scene jejak kasih sedikit. Dr Suzy ni junior supervisor. Then, tibe2 baru tau, supervisor ku ini graduate USM. Plus, masuk MPDJ lagi .. patutlaa cam power je die ni.. uhuhu... kebetulan laa sangat. Dan semuanya berjalan lancar, cuma tak payah present je. heheheh..

Hee, by refering to the previous entry, I posted my workstation right? heheh.. now it is no longer my workstation. A new staff coming in and my supervisor aka boss at this section, reposition the staff. so now I'm still have my workstation and using department's laptop due to the pc management took some time to send pcs' to new staff, so I have to let them use mine.

Now I'm staying at my ex-officemate (he is been transfered to Cost Cotrol of Kumang Project), at junction of Jalan Klang lama and Jalan Puchong. Kampung Petaling Bahagia. So it is 30 minute traveling my housemate to KLCC. But, the cons are I have to wait him to get back home. And every day I went back at 8pm. uhuhu.. so more time to be spend in the office (for example now)

My tuition for my younger brother have been ceased for 2 weeks due to the school's holiday. We might start back this week. Yosh !!!

Ok, now my mood is soared off, I might wanna tapau for my dinner. My housemate not having his dinner cause of his weight.

Ok, till then. Salam


Update - 9 June 2010

June 09, 2010 iPai 2 Comments

Salam .. 9.03 am, Lvl 19 Petronas Twin Tower.

Huhhu .. meminjam broadband seorang staf yang baik hati, in return she ask me to download some video for her ..

Previous week is busy week for me. Migrating the Cost Report from the old template to new template. Now all of it is completed, and currently I'm doing nothing except helping some minor thing to do.

Now, there are 3 new staff assigned to this department last week. All of them from UTP, and now, the chance of doing office decrease and doing nothing is increase. Hahaha .. I wanna help, atleast let me understand what we are doing here. But everybody is really busy. It need big guts to ask something while they were chasing the dateline.

Someone coming*

Owh suddenly Raymond comes. He is the one help me alot in giving task. Thanks to him, I got lot of understanding through what he gave to me. I had short chit chat about his experience on his work, and he is really sharing it, and also giving good advice for me. Thanks. So, got to go. Tata