Deko with Ipai, Ayoi dan Apis (Part 1)

June 28, 2009 iPai 5 Comments


Deko with Ipai, Ayoi and Apis (Like Deko bersama Eric .. hahah) .. Ayoi and Apis is my lil bro .. hehe .. Presently, Ayoi is in first former and Apis is in Polytechnic in Kelantan ...

So, what are we going to decorate ?? Ayoi's new room !!!! Currently, he sleep at the master bedroom by himself .. So, after, me and Apis are going back for our semester, he will be transfer to other room ... hhehehe ... Ok .. A liltle history about this antiquity room (as it were so historical .. lol)..

1. This room is fomerly is my room with Apis .. our first bedroom till I went to boarding school ... Then, after that, our bedroom had been transfered to the master bedroom ..
2. The bedroom is converted to double storey .... (you might think it's a liltle weird) ... The room is large and so my dad decided to make it 2 level ... the lower level will be the store keeping and the upper level as a bedroom ..
3. After our bedroom been transfered to master bedroom, this room became the Solat room
4. I don't like this room because, every week we need vacumm it, as it takes short time to became dusty ... huhu ... and I hate dust !!! I only can stand 10 sec in the dusty room and then I going to 'AAHH - CHOOOOOOOOOO !!!' ... ok that is a really big sneeze ..

So, this is the room ... Ah, wait until you see the new look of this room at the end of the post... hehehe

Ok .. Tips for guys who will be going to marry, you have to prepare a huge cabinet for your wife clothes .. Why ??

This is 1 of my mother cabinet, full of baju kurung .. hehe >>

And my mother, have 3 more cabinet with baju kurung .. I mean, really full one .. So, never take this lightly ..

So, what we have to do first ?? Clear up all thing ... put all that thing so that,it will not interupt our deco process ... hehehe ... while clear all the thing, you might find something that recall you about your past ... hehehe ... for example ; (I thought all this stuff in my secret vault already)

This Red iron box .. Chocolate red iron box ..

So, wanna take a look inside ??

uhuhu ...

Jeng3 ...

(Gambar malas nak rotate .. hahah)

Ok, This is the contain ... CD Malam Bakat 2004 .. hem, I don't remember what is this, but I think, it is a recording bout singing competition ... uhuhuh

CD Hari Kecemerlangan SBP (HKSBP) .. owh yeah, SASER and TKC as host for basket ball for South Zone ... So, that is the CD

And, school bacth ... hehee ... It was my mother's collection when she was a kid ... uhuh .. So, pretty stuff eh ??

Next, owh .. my school's photo ...

hem ...

Uuhuh ... first picture, physic class at the school field .. really refreshing ... wakakaka

Second picture, owh yeah, the mess .. My class never win the award for the most clean class of the week ..EXCEPT, during the Interaction with Parents Day ... wahahah ... That's a miracle ..

Next, eh ?? A red iron chocolate box again ??

Ok ...

Uuhuh .. my eletronic device when I was 15 ... uhuhuh ... look that black square thing ... is digimon ... the first series one ... hahaha ... (I should go to EE engineering maybe ..)

Ok .. Next ... wah an envelope !!

Wah ... Picture from my matriculation .. and this is my bio lecturer department's picture ... ehheeh ...

(Wah .. cikgu2 bio aku laa ... ehhehe)

And what else .. Owh, letter that I received from my die hard fan ... LOL

See this colourful letter .. hehe >>

Oh Next is my comic collection ... hehehe ... more than 100 series of Utopia and Gempak ...

Now, not even read it ... my favourite cartoonist is Kenny, Apoh ... Both are good ..

The best Kenny's Artwork ... Ballistix ...

Anak Sateria .. 16 till 35 ..

uhuhu ... Then, we start to paint ... uhuhuh ... jeng3 ... (to be continue ...)


Terima Kasih Kepada Ean dan Cika !!

June 26, 2009 iPai 6 Comments

Salam ...

Saya ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih saya kepada Ean dan Cika kerana mereka telah belanja saya untuk harijadi saya, tiga bulan lepas. Terima kasih tak terhingga kerana mereka bersusah payah mencari 'kedai' yang hampir-hampir tidak jumpa untuk mengadakan majlis sambutan hari jadi tersebut.

Mereka telah memastikan saya kenyang dengan makanan yang disajikan oleh 'kedai' tersebut sehingga saya sendiri merasakan, saya telah makan untuk esok harinya (konon-kononnya laa)

Terima kasih sekali lagi kerana makanan itu, saya sendiri tak pernah makan sebelum ini, dan semalam merupakan kali pertama saya makan. Bukan itu saja, saya juga makan, makanan dr negara J dan juga makanan daripada negara A.

Dan di sini saya ingin buat sedikit penjelasan.
1. Saya tak minta untuk dibelanja makan untuk kedai itu. hehehe. Semasa membuat permintaan itu, saya sertakan perkataan 'hehehe' untuk menunjukkan saya sedang bergurau. Tapi tidak mengapa kerana, semua gembira dengan makanan tersebut.
2. Yang kedua, post ini di taip dengan penuh tapisan. Sebabnya : Tidak diketahui lagi.

Apa-apa pun yang berlaku

TERIMA KASIH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



June 26, 2009 iPai 2 Comments

Salam ...

Yeah, its been a week I'm at home ... and finally ibu can let her 'I miss my son' with delicious cooking ... hehehe .. So that is the bright side ...

But, the bad side is, I'm feel a bit tired ... maybe because while I'm at home, I'm not going to jog and do things that healthy ... heheh ... I'm just eat and eat ... hehehe ... Yesterday, I went out with my friends (Sorry, I didn't have enough energy yet to type for the post .. heheh .. Dont worry, I will) and have, like a lot of 'meal' .. and going back home, ibu cooked something delicious too ... huhuh ..

So, I have to eat everything (uhuhuh .. ibu is great cooker .. nasi goreng .. lauk best .. lauk sedap .. and ayah bring home an ayam golek ...shedap ye ..) ... and maybe, that's why I'm feel bit tired (because too much eat and not convert it to energy) ... And this tired thing lead me to something else .. it make me a bit grumpy (I don't know the correct word .. heheh) ... I feel mad all the time ... but still, I can control it ... heheh ... (maybe, it cause from Micheal Jackson's dead ... hey, I just know that he is a Muslim)

I HAVE TO TURN TO NEW LEAF (or leaves .. heheh )


Desktop Of the Week #1

June 23, 2009 iPai 5 Comments

Salam ..

ah yes .. I read from darklight's blog, post about his awesome and really cool design of his desktop which, he made by himself (spent most of his hours infront of the laptop to design)

So, since I don't have anything to do, I update my desktop, since my wallpaper calendar have a bit of problem and I have to replace with another software .. huhuh ... Luckily, I have rainlander software ... got from darklight few months back ...

So, long story cut it short ... tada ...

I'm kind person which tend not to change the desktop regularly ... So, this desktop will be like this for 6 month or 1 year .. uhuhu ... cause I'm pretty lazy to update it ..

So, to those who wanna know what I use in my Desktop, just check this out :

- Wallpaper - Zack Fair (Crisis Core : FF VII) - I'm still trying to finish the mission of this game .. got from ...

- Top - Object dock - Babylon (dictionary), Wakan (mandarin and Japanese Translator), My Computer, YM, FireFox, Skype, Document and file, Fly FM, Photoshop, Photoscape (never use it, I wonder why), 1 Click Tune Up, Ad-Aware, Avast Antivirus

Right - Rainlander .. Calendar .. and you can put your important note and important event..

Bottom - Yahoo Widget - Red digital clock, and System monitoring .. So that's all ..


Panasnya Ais !!!

June 22, 2009 iPai 10 Comments


"Haa, ni laa dia ... dah laa tak reti nak duk umah time cuti .. dah balik umah, tak reti nak duk diam, asik jalan je ..." Agaknya itu yang terdetik kat hati Ibu aku .. heheh ....

Jadi, hari ini pergi Meluncur atas ais di Sunway Pyramid Subang .. dan buat pertama kalinya aku pergi dengan membawa kereta ... sebelum ini, naik kenderaan awam je .. penat sket dan amik masa (paling cepat 1 jam 30 minit) dan akan ada limit masa ... Naik kereta, takde limit masa (budget nak meluncur sampai malam, baru balik .. budget je) - siap google map woo .. haha.. punya laa semangat ..

Aku ngan adik laki aku gerak awal pagi (member lain, tak jadi nak pg .. dan yang lain tak ajak .. haha .. tak plan awal-awal pun .. sori guys) ... Saufi pun gerak awal juga, dan kawan-kawan dia pun tak dapat pergi ... Tiga orang je laah kami pergi skatting ... uhuhuhu

Sampai-sampai je dah excited terlebih laa plak .. sebab tengok ring skate kosong gile ... wah .. BAHAGIANYA RASA ... haahaha ...

Ni yang best kalau pergi weekdays, budak-budak kecik semua pergi sekolah ... hahahaha

<- Nampak 'akak' sweater putih nie ? terer woo die skate .. ahhaha

Apa tunggu lagi


Lepas itu skate laa ...

Apsal gambar mamat nie je ...??

Dah laa tak hensem mana !!!

Skate pun macam hape !!!

Berangan terer laa tuh !!!

PoyoZZ !!!! Hahahah

Skatting punya skatting ...

Kaki pulak yang melecet ...

Tu laa ... skate dalam keadaan tak sedarkan diri (wah macam mana tuh??)

Al-kisah kaki melecet ... skate tak hengat dunia punya, sampai berpeluh-peluh kat kaki (macam jogging) ... stockin basah .. melecet ...

Saket woo ... terkena air, rasa pilu betul di hati sampai menetes air mata dibuatnya ... wakakaka

Padan muka ko !!! Skate tak hengat !!

Bagi menceriakan hatiku yang lara disebabkan kaki yang melecet,

Ya ... mungkin kurang jelas sket ye ...

Nampak tak budak baju kuning hitam tuh ... haa ... korang nak tau, dia pakai kostum lebah ...

Tinggi dalam 80 cm je ... dah laa kecik, pakai kostum lagi ... memang kiut gile ah ... tengah wat latihan skate die ... umur dalam 5-6 tahun kot ..

Menjadi tarikan satu ring ais tuh ... uhuhuh

Setelah puas meluncur ... berehat ..
Akak sebelah tuh takde mengena dalam cerita ini yer .. die tumpang glemer jap ...

Aku ???

Kene cooling down ...

Eh awatnya ?? bukan ais tu sejuk ka ??

hahahahah ... kene cooling down sebab aku skate berpeluh satu badan ... ewww

Apa tunggu lagi ... dah panas ... Bukak baju laa !!!!

Haa ... semua perempuan berkerumun ...

Oh well, aku tau laa badan aku macam body builder, tapi jangan laa nak kerumun-kerumun I plak ... rimas laaa ...

I malu ....

Ngeh2 ....

Tipu je tuh ....

Mana ada sampai telanjang ... pakai 2 lapis ...

Haa ... baju nie lecun habis basah ...

(owh patut laa aweks2 tak datang dekat ... Mereka tengok aku ni terlebih sihat dengan peluh )


Tu pasal tajuk post ni 'Panasnya Ais'

Haa .. tak sampai 3 jam pun kitorg skate ... dah klua... perut lapar .. kaki sakit


Orang pun dah start ramai ... Tengok >>

Jadi apa yang saya dapat ???
Kaki melecet ... wakakaka

Dan saya juga telah terjumpa, wireless headphone utk PSP saya .. Yeay !!!! Dah berbulan cari, akhirnya jumpa yang paling sesuai dan yang paling murah ...
Akhirnya pemburuan ku terhadap wireless headphone telah tamat ... hahaha ... harga ?? Seratus je ... tempat lain ?? tidak akan kurang dari 2 ratus ... so, murah tak ??

Wargh letih ye ...


New game ???

June 21, 2009 iPai 3 Comments


Singgah jap nak bgtau,
Tengah Download

heheheh ...

Screen Shot


Lazy me ..

June 20, 2009 iPai 5 Comments


Just to announce that, I'm pretty lazy to let my ym on .. heheh .. it's contained 368 contacts, and I think it is a bit messy with it .. hehe .. so, now I'm using skype .. thanx .. heheh ... (till yesterday, I haven't on it for 3-4 weeks ..) heheh ..

Same happen to my celcom number .. I charge that phone once in a week .. so, don't sms that number too .. hehehe