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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Final Class Session of semester 1 ..


Fuuh .. finally all of us can take a deep breath, the class for semester 1 session is over .. uhuhuh .. .. because of our school is quite 'skema', our class is on friday .. not like other school, they already finished their class earlier of d week .. uhuhuh

The final subject is, Process Dynamic And Control ... yup .. the most complicated course of the semester, and it has the extended 'version' incoming semester .. uhuhuh .. if i get an 'A', maybe i would consider to take it, 'Advance Control' .. haha ... if not an A, not a chance .. ahaha

So this final session started at 8.30 am (is 9 am actually) till 1 pm .. fuh, IT IS A PRESENTATION .. uhuhuh .. some picture of it ..

Read this post for further info .. Essemen Yang SUSAH

Dr Suhairi (left) and Dr Nurashid (the profesional in this subject .. he had several conference throughtout the world regrading this field)

Me, Raja, Bob n Syahmi .. picture of the last session !!

Dr MHU present too? (talking with DL) .. funny thins is, he came exactly when I were about to start presenting ..

Raveena .. watching 'The Proposal' through my laptop ..after our group presentation end .. I wonder why she keep on smiling for 15 minutes of the movie ..

Last part of this post
Some appreciation to my control group .. They being so supportive throughout the project .. a lot of thing that we got through .. with this project, I haven't sleep for a night ... uhuuhu .. that's a new for me .. and the unique is the '1 Malaysia' value present in my group .. hahah .. thank you to 3 of you ..

Front : Tan Bin Bin, Me, Back : Raveena Chithra A/P Vettivellu, Nur Amirah Bt Mohd Ali

The End

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Tea Dno said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

nampak ni macam lagi chubby je dari skang. ;p

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