Separation Process Completed

November 12, 2009 iPai 5 Comments


Jeng3 ... Just finished the 3rd paper, Separation Process ... huwaaa ... Conclusion, I think I can answered all of the question with 30 minutes extra time .. so, I lost bout 10 marks from it .. another 10 marks for definition and explaination part ... uhuhuh ...

So, wanna know what happen last nite ?? (while studying for today's paper)

My own note .. neat (puji diri sendiri plak ..)

This is my roomate ;

initial state

Final state (that just take roughly 15 minutes to reach this state)

Ok, then there someone is preparing in the last minute;

'pulun'ing ..

Then, it start to rain .. gosh, all my pillow calling me (desperately) to go to bed ..

Rain and start to flood ..

So, 10 minutes before I went to bed, we have some short activites, to occupy ourselves and release the tense .. ahhaha

origamy of small ship .. hehehe .. eh sampan laa ..

Next I would like tell you guys bout this;

this cat have been around since early this week ... I have seen my neighbour playing with it and even bathed it .. hahah ... isn't it cute ??

And bout this picture .. try download it and tell what do you see at the plate number .. and, don't ever try to snap picture while driving ok ??
Ok, that's all for now .. going back to library for tomorrow's paper ...

The Horrifying REACTION !!!!

Tata ..


sweetpearl24 said...

huhu..penyayang nye jiran awak ituh..

plate tuh x nampak dengan jelas la..
USM 40 kewh??
p/s: teka je tuwh..lalala

Diriku.... said...

gud luck ye exam...!!!

iPai said...

@azim ~ thanx !!

@wani ~ yup ..betui !!!! USM 40 ...pelik tak no plate motor USM 40 ..?

me said...


sweetpearl24 said...

hah???? biaq betui???!!
teka2 pon betui ka...

erm...'U' negeri mana??
ada ka 'U'??
mana dia dapat??
moto USM kah???