Prestige 3rd Edition

May 29, 2009 iPai 5 Comments


Yeah ... The Prestige 3rd Edition are finished ... Thanx to Dark Light for all his assistance .. Wanna see the cover page ??

Ok. This cover is made by Dark Light. With my help for the ilham (LOL .. puji diri sendiri plak)

So, Dr Afta was very grateful for the this magazine. It is not magazine actually. It is a planner, with a lots of information about desasiswa (Kolej kediamaan bagi Univ lain) .. And like I told in previous post, this edition, has a unique feature. You can transform it, from the booklet form, to calendar form (triangle).

Sweet. Luckily for the upcoming first year student. They will get this magazine.

Yesterday, Dr Afta told me that, both edition that we made (2nd edition and 3rd edition), will also be place at the mini museum for 20th Aniversary of Desasiswa Jaya. huhuuhuh. Then, the next 20 years, I can come back to desa, and claim that, I'm the Editor for both book in that glass cubicle .. (berlagak sungguh)

huhuh ... So, now the Prestige 3rd Edition, will be going for publisher and printing process.



iPai said...

trimas2 ....

if ade puji-pujian dr junior...pasti ko kembang smpai ke pulau kan?hahahahahahaha..

iPai said...

jauh yee ... sampai ke pulau ?? ehehe

Tea Dno said...

wow. creative seyh. ;)