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Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Short Post - 1Siswa 1 Malaysia

Salam ..

Oh yeah .. alright .. Just got back from PI (Engineering Campus) with really big full round tummy .. haha .. yup, an iftar with 1Siswa - 1 Malaysia Program by the 'Future Engineering Colloquium' Group ... Supervise by Kak Ita

There some program before we going to iftar .. there are, Tilawah, Marhaban and some present to anak yatim ... uhuh.. Prof Omar was here .. Prof Dzulkifli also .. EE's and Chemical's Dean also (Prof Syed and Prof Latif) ..

For me, the most interesting part is my Chinese lecture-mate are dining together with us ... uhuhuh ... There are, Christine, Siew Cheng, Chun Keat with his future wife Chai Chien, Meng Yong, with the genius Swea Pin ... heheh

So, that's all .. hehe ... let's go to terawikh ok .. we already arrive the 3rd and final stage of Ramadhan .. Hope this Ramadhan will benefit to all of us .. InsyaALLAH

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Tea Dno said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

sat sat. mostly lelaki memang suka chinese gurl meyh?

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