And after that ..

April 04, 2010 iPai 2 Comments

Salam ..

And after that, if you start to blog, you realize that you forgot to tell something in previous post .. so you decided to post the next blog (that would be me, right now)

Then, after you explaining of your situation (above) you starting to forget the material that you wanna post ..

Then, you start thinking ..

(Thinking time) ~~~~~ Tik tok tik ..

After a while, Oh yes, you remember ..

You wanna tell about there is something wrong with your favorite handphone .. its happen when you find out that the sensor that make your handphone will flip to horizontal view is not in place (which refer to the handphone)

And after that, you realize that is look dump to tell everyone about this funny story (maybe not for you) ..

And you might consider to stop typing and just click the 'Publish Post' Button


ipai...please stop thinking so comlicated-ly laahhhh...hahahahha...but its a nice one tho..ngeh3..

iPai said...

hahah .. mcm ni laa yg aku pk selalu tau .. hahaha