A few minutes later ..

April 04, 2010 iPai 0 Comments


yup, a few minutes later, you think you already found out one suitable journal paper that suit your tittle .. n it is 'Spray Drying of Food Products: 1. Simulation Model by J. Straatsma, G Van Houwenlingen, A.E Steenbergen and P. De Jong that been received 26 February 1999 ..

so, lets finish up the assignment and later you can start study for Reactor Design and Analysis.. uhuhu ..

Hoping that this is the suitable journal .. The task is to find the application on industry in mass transfer or heat transfer examples, in which in Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical .. mine the easiest one because my part is, cartesian in x direction only .. hahah

So, while helping my MGA on adobe photoshop, lets do our very best in what we are doing, like my roomate .. he is watching something while playing Castle Age of Facebook .. Lets GAMBATE for him too !!