April 04, 2010 iPai 0 Comments

Salam ..

It is dark, cold with little frog sound .. Night .. feel nothing .. I should starting my revision on Reactor Design of Dr. Hekarl's part ... his part is really difficult ... it is like you it but actually you dont understand it .. uhuhuhh ..

Wanna chat with MGA, but she would like to have some quality of time by herself to calm down .. sori for not being helpful and double the apologize for making it worse just now ..

so, I went to facebook to add up 1 picture of room's partition for survey .. then, continue to browse the picture .. then I came to this picture

It is a MPDJ's picture ... We went for a short course with other MPD (including Minden Campus) at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort for 1 day ..

When this picture was taken, I barely know any person in this picture .. then, how should I give orders to them .. how should lead them ..

And I tried everything I could to maximize the capabilities of others .. and I think, thats all that I can do .. sori ..

And not to forget, thank you for giving me opportunity to experience it .. sumtimes it can reach to hard breaking decision ..