MMS Blogging

April 04, 2010 iPai 0 Comments

Salam ..

It is hard to find time to blog these days ..

So I decided to start up my MMS blogging ..

But, I dont even know what's the problem is, it is already pass 2 hour and I still cant register .. uhuhuh ..

Doing multiple job, finding resources for my assignment .. I thought my tittle is the simplest one and I can finish it up early, but its end up to be a difficult to find info in the internet ... because it is too simple .. lorghh ..

Yawning ~~ !! I havent go jog for days .. my heart start to decrease the blood flow rate, and thats contribute to the exhaustion .. uhuuh .. Do I use the correct word ?? hahaha .. yesterday I got 8 hours and 30 minutes for my sleep .. yup, the low flow rate contribute to the sleepiness .. must jog today !!

Ok .. thinking about next weekend ; Wanna goo back home or not .. ? Trivia guys !!

Thats all for today !!