I will be missing these ...

March 04, 2011 iPai 5 Comments


It's been a while ....

I will be missing all the things that I been through right now !! Eventhough I cursed it, I hate it, I tense with it, but in some point I realize, I will be missing all this kind of stuff.

With a series of unfortunate events (interview - fails, design task - lowest group mark in the class because of using the a hightech solution (ASPEN PLUS) compare to other people using manual calculation), I think of somewhere in the future I will reminiscene these moment, and 'future-me' would jeleous with 'current-me' and the stuff that going through right now.

I must try my best to appriciate all these things. I dream of, whenever or whatever things that getting my way or pulling me back that makes me a failure, I want to go through it with smile. I have a problem, you smile then try your best to counter it. Because I know, someday, 'current-me' will be smiling to 'future-me' that 'current-me' are having fun with the problems and chalenges that he going through.

I should appreciate everything and everyone. Because, withouth them, I would not be as good as now.
Thank you, Mira, Siaw Ping, Nad for the Advance process control. It was so exciting learning new things. Find the lecturers and master student and even PhD students. Then shout 'Ada cahaya baru yang kita boleh follow'.
Thank you Sunarti sebab bagi input-input yang best pasal APC
Thank you Kak Husna, Bob, Fattah. Kerana tolong dalam FYP. Kita sama-sama bangkitkan projek ni. Harap-harap Felda akan trima result kita =P
Thank you Zhihua sebab kasi pinjam pressure regulator
Thank you Akak Azimah, PhD student sebab kasi pinjam alat dan kasi advices
Thank you, Dr Azmier yang tolong !!! Thank you dr, dr telah selamatkan nyawa kami.
Thank you Siaw Ping (sekali lagi), Raveena, Meng Yong, and Aziem for the wild experience in design task. I will be laughing in the new future in what we are doing for the design task.
Thank you Raihana for helping me out in Chemical Nite.
Thank you Saufi for helping me out for design trip to Shell - Port Dickson
Thank you Ain, sebab tolong sekali beli hadiah untuk Prof Subash - Waa tak beli lagi ..
Thank you Wani. Spagetti sedap

Er tu yang terlintas dalam kepala sekarang ini. Yang tertinggal tuh mintak maaf ekh


Wani said...

owh..bila teringat detik2 akhir kat usm nih, rasa sedih pulak... sob sob =(

ps-thank you kat adik wani yg masak spigeti sbenaqnya..ahahaha

rai said...

welkem pai..thanks to u gak, cherish the moment bcoz what u r going thru now is the preparation of what u will b going thru in the future, last but not least, thanks to Allah for giving me frens like u and all of our frens, :-)

sasa asya said...

hai i dtg follow u n klik ur heartbeat..
if u dont mind..
klik klik ye :)

ladysheqa said...

haha pai pai

iPai said...

wani ~ jgn nanges wani nanti banjir usm

rai ~ sama2 laa kite ..

sasa ~ ok

ladysheqa ~ saya saya.. eheheh