Having sex in the dark is better than then when lights on

March 16, 2011 iPai 6 Comments


Hye guys. It's been a while since my last post right ? Mode: Pretty excited because of the English debate for my LHP 456 - Spoken English class with title Having sex in the dark is better then turn lights on. Don't put a weird faces, our teacher choosed it, and everybody were laughing. Thus, make your stand.

Maybe some bla bla bla about my Final Year Project. Yesterday, I am officially finished my lab. So, if something wrong with my results, I just change it too make it logic. Hahahaha. I will have to justify it. Ugh, need to think critically about it.

Tonight, is like my night off, which I want to have dinner with my friends. So that I could release bit of my tense. Uhuhuhuh.

Hey remember about my post telling you guys about Wordpress USM ? Click here to read that post. Huhuh. I found someone which actually I know him, using that blog. He is one of my favourite lecturer, Dr Zainal.

I think he is using this blog to promote admission for master and phd student. huhuhuh. So, if anyone interested in to do master degree within his field, dont hesitate to ask him loh. Huhuh

P/S some pictures taken from Dr. Zainal's Blog
 Our Plant Design Group Test. And this is my beloved groupmates
From left: Raveena, The Facts Experts. Meng Yeong, The Techincal thingking Experts. Siaw Ping, The Schedule Experts. Me, The Software Experts

4th year student group photo.

Oh, not to forget to those who follow my blog, I'm so sorry I couldn't follow back and I am already lost track of the follower. Please do come again and read my previous post. Thank you your support !!!

That's all. Tata


miss puteri said...


miss puteri said...
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ogies_cuteis said...

waah... Dr Zainal pon da blog.. hehe..

pijat said...

en.naufal dah update.. hehe

iPai said...

put ~ ada terima kasih ke ?

ogy ~ a ah .. ada cek2 ..

pijat ~ yeay !!!

miss puteri said...

haha. sendiri tulis kot~