Reasearch Assistant's Diary

June 03, 2009 iPai 9 Comments

Salam ..

Do you wanna know what do I do everyday during holiday ? Ok, this is what I did yesterday.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009,

0620 - Wake up for Subuh Prayer
0640 - Kendiri activity
0720 - Fall asleep ... heheheh

0755 - Wake up for second time .. Having breakfast .. Check it out

(Bila masa plak makan nasi pagi-pagi nieh)

Huh ? Sorry wrong picture. ehehhe

Yeah. Bread with Tuna Spread. Yummy ..

Juice ... (Cedapnye... )

Till, I forgot to take my medicine before having breakfast. This is a pure honey liquid. Every morning, take a sip of water with 3 drop of this pure honey - important point - before BREAKFAST - for body heat during morning

0820 - Shower

0845 - Go to work

By car ... my Kancil !! (Opss, ibu punya, saya pinjam je)

Don't forget your lab coat, or you can not enter to the lab

Heading to the beloved School Of Chemical Eng.

0905 - Start experiment
Research assistant for En. Azam, research on activated carbon from bamboo. (activated carbon aka arang) ... Finding out the ability to adsorb dye. So we (me and Saufi) performing adsorption experiment. Ok this is equipment/device that we used ;

This is UV VIS Spectrometer. Use to detect the wavelength for dye/sample and with that wavelength we will detect the concentration of the sample.

Our Sample - Different concentration
Dye - Acid Yellow

Our sample. Some of them are the error sample from last week - use for the long term observation.

Every sample must be taken for every 10 minutes in the first 2 hours. Really exhausting. And after that, hourly reading.

Other error sample. Discard.

Take deionized water from here.

Data sheet

While waiting, we take short tour in the lab .. We have SYAHMI with 'his experiment'

He use this device. Gas chromatography. His experiment is quite complicated but it biology-knowledge based.

1240 - Lunch
1300 - Back to hostel. Have a guest, waiting for PSP games. (siapa laa tuh? Dengar cerita baru beli)
1400 - Continue experiment.
1700 - Finish experiment. Clean up. Pack up.
1715 - Relaxing after Asar Prayer
1815 - Go for a jog

Jogging and basket ball shoe !!! (cantik lagi tak kasut nieh?)

Ok, this is the route.

Route 1 - I will take this route when, 1.that day I'm feeling so happy, very happy... 2. I'm feeling very energetic. Rarely take this route, heheh .. You know how the student life isn't it ?
The longest route in the campus, about 2.3 KM

Route 2 - My favourite route. Nothing much to say. Heheh

Route 3 - Yes, short cut ... hahah. I will take this route if I start my jog at 1845 ..

Then, I will play basket ball, if there is people playing. But, no one there.

(Teka-teki, Pada 2 Jun 2009, saya amik route mane ??)

1900 - Finish jog. Cooling down with special method ... heheh ...

While playing PSP..

1930 - Shower, Maghrib Prayer
1944 - Get message from Dr.H

"Lets go for a movie"

And off we go ... heheh .. we went to Sunway Carnival (30 minutes from campus with Dr. H's car) and watched ..

heheh ...

The End


sweetpearl24 said...

kami nk jawap teka teki, erm...jawapannya...route 4 a.k.a tak joging, muhahahhaaa...

wah. RA ke rupenye. padanler. haha. BEst2. Bape dapat? errmm..tatau nak jawab teka teku ko. hahaha.

iPai said...

sweerpearl : amboi ... suka suki je kate amek route 4 ...

nazihah : rm 25 sehari ... heheh ...

jawapan teka teki ... aiceh ... kene bg ramai teka dulu ... hehehe ... route 3 ... heheh ... sbb time tuh batuk2 n saket dada ... hehehe

I was wondering napekah kamu ske route 2?skodeng eh?ha????

iPai said...

haa ... jeng3 ... skodeng ?? ish3 ... tak ... kalo zoom in map tuh, SH4 dan SH2 tuh adalah blok wanita ...

part yg ade stating ngan S tu adalah school aka pusat pengajian ... contoh ye ... SC - School of Civil

so tak skodeng2 eh ...

sweetpearl24 said...

wit wit, jgn lupa, SH1 pon blok pompuan lah...haish...kesian blok kami...

iPai said...

hahah ... yer2 ... baik2 ... block half perempuan half laki .... ade tembok pemisah besi ..

Tea Dno said...

ngeh4. ade jugak campur blok laki dan pompuan eh?

Tea Dno said...

kalau tea lah. ari2 route 3. huahuahuahua.