Last Weekend .. Perkampungan Ikan Bakar Umbai

June 08, 2009 iPai 1 Comments

Salam ..

You wanna what I did last weekend ? I went back home. My mother ask me to go back for a short family's holiday. My 2nd brother and I have not met for months, because our semester break are not in the same time. When I at home, he is in Kelantan. And when he is home, I was at Penang. Plus we celabrating for my sister that already registered to matriculation in Kuala Pilah (luckily she is not going to the same matriculation that I went ...long story)

We were attending my cousin's engagement and my ~nephew's~ wedding (~nephew~ my mak long's granddaughter .. didn't know much .. a long story of course) too.

Selamat Bertunang kepada Abg. Shahril

His family with her family and all my auntie


Selamat Pengantin Baru kepada 'anak sedara' .. (hehe)

Next, it's about Perkampungan Ikan Bakar Umbai

For me, this is the first and the best Ikan bakar I ever been. There you can see a float jetty with 2 floor. (p/s: don't go to the 2nd floor,the service is a bit slow).If you going to Melaka, don't forget to find this place, by ;

Google map .. heheh

There you can eat (of course), it's so much to tell, just check out the picture

My father and my mother picking up the aquatic ..

The giant menu

Menu ..

Another menu .. heheh

Here you can eat with nasi lemak. I had 4 nasi lemak that night. uhu

So, that is it ... Oh forget about the price, it's quite cheap, only RM90.00++ .. cheap rite ? I thought it will be RM 200++ .. uhuhuh

Went back to hotel, and we just enjoyed ourselves with the scenery of Melaka


Tea Dno said...

serius dah lama tak pegi umbai.

kalau kat muar, try pegi medan ikan bakar sabak awor. hohohh.