None post

June 14, 2009 iPai 0 Comments


I wanna make up something here ... when I post a 'None post', that show I have no topic to post or, my mood have flew away and trying find its way to me .. hehehe

Yeah ... Nothing and none ... Don't really have topic ... but actually, I do have one topic to share (bout kenduri kahwin of Izian's brother, Dr.H has move out to his new place and movie 'BLOOD':don't ever try to watch it) , but I'm just don't have mood to write ... LOL ... lots thing to do ...

So, just wait till the mood come to me ... till then, Cheeraa !!

What I'm doing right now?
- Da Vinci Code
- Crisis Core - try to finish it
- Twilight - hardly to get started
- The Jaya's Edition for 20th anniversary
- Sample data from experiment - Graph !!!!
- and next Friday, I'm going back ... Hooray !!!