Huh ? What is this ??

June 12, 2009 iPai 2 Comments


Just now my lil bro sent me a short flv video ... It took more than an hour to download (I guess so, just click download and leave) ..

It's entitled 'DJ Hero' ...

And then, I just got 'Woah, what is this DJ Hero?' .. So I click and watch the video

And then, after watch it, I wondering

'What console they plan to put this game on to?'

'PSP? No, maybe not .. '

'PS2 ?? Owh maybe with the 'turntable' thing' (I don't know the exact name .. lol)

Maybe we just wait and see, or you can just search the google for the more info. I read about that it will be out some where in November this year .. uhuuhu ..

Screen Shot

On the mean time, just wait .. hehehe


Tea Dno said...

gila game betol ipai nih. huhuhh.

Tea Dno said...

sebenarnya, tea pun gile game jugak. haha.