Celebrating 111th post !!! Hooray!!!

December 17, 2010 iPai 2 Comments


It is my 111th post. I am celebrating this successful achievement through re-label all of my previous post. I realize that I created new labels in every each post that I wrote. Previously I created too many labels because to make sure the 'Cloud of tag' looks nice and I finally realize that the labels should be helping the reader to read the related post. So, I reduced it as much as I could.

Looking to previous post, I realize how much I grow and mature in times and I have couple of laughter in reading those posts. What a silly me.

Happy 111th post to me. Please ignore the letter in the picture, will ya?


eh2..bukanke blog bru...dasat gile wehh..

iPai said...

eh mmg laa blog baru, aku import semua2 post lama bw masuk dalam yg baru ni .. uhuhuh