Do you have Alliance You:nique Prepaid Card?

December 22, 2010 iPai 9 Comments


Now I would like to share with you guys about Alliance You:nique Prepaid Card. Have you ever heard of it? Probably not, then you should read this. (Warning: I am not promoting this product, just sharing my thought)

Do you want to have a credit card? Or maybe a card that will act like credit card? or probably you may need it to book your flight ticket? or your train ticket? or want to buy something through internet but you need a credit card ? Or you probably worry if you have a credit card, you will have to deal with the bill afterwards because you can not control your shopping's urge.

You might want to try the Alliance Bank You:nique Prepaid Card. And you can get it for free.

So, this is my card.

The unique of this card is you can design your own credit card, which you might want to put pictures or you want to design with adobe photoshop. As you can see, I choose to put picture in my prepaid card.

How to use it ? Ok, i have been informed that, you have to bank-in the money to this prepaid card account, then you ready to use it. So, you don't have to worry about to control your bill, because no money, no purchase.

My attention to get this card, is because of to be prepare if let say to buy train ticket to get back. So, you can just online and purchase it, rather than to go to train station and buy it. For those who purchasing the flight ticket, this card very helpful. And it is not only limit through the online shopping, you can use it like normal credit card. Just make sure that you bank-in the money first before you use it

I have not try to purchase anything with this card yet, because I am still finding the way to bank-in the money to this account. Later, I will find out when I go to the Alliance bank to ask.

So, just give it a try ok? Just for fun. Click

p/s 1: After you submit the design, it will take about 2 weeks to be approve, then, just wait till the mail on your door step.


sweetpearl24 said...

weewit! cantiknye kad die....hahahhaa...

IR Chabal said...

sape awek dlm kad 2??nk kenal bole?hahaha

whoa!! fes tym dgr..lecturer ak slalu ckp jgn amek credit card, kalo tak xleh beli merc e250 mcm die..hahahahha

iPai said...

@wani ~ trimas ..!!

@bob ~ boleh2 .. kenal laa

@izyan ~ mak ai .. beli kereta .. hahah .. takpe2, kalo nak pinjam kredit kad aku pon boleh, tp top up dulu ekh

Ken said...

Post nih, memang relevan ngan website kitorang :)

Dulu iMyn ada buat post pasal Tune Card. Sampai sekarang dia guna Tune nak control bajet.

Thanks for the info bro.

iPai said...

ur welcome !!

Fiqa Afiqah said...

Cam interesting jgk card ni..Anyway, brape charge yg dikenakn ek since awk da pkai card ni?

iPai said...

Cik Fiqa. Sowi .. sejak dapat kad ni saya tak sempat pergi bank n stat try guna kad ni .. sori kalo tak leh beri input ..

Anonymous said...

mcm mna bro..?dah start gune tak..?ade bank charge? aku pon bt since 2010..smpai skrg tak gune2..tkt jgk kot ade charge sbb tak gune card tu dah lame..harap dpt mmbantu..