Ruined Plan, Final Year Project

December 16, 2010 iPai 0 Comments


Hye, today supposedly we can start to perform the carbonization of the palm oil shell material which originally is planned on 6th December, Monday but postponed it to Wednesday, 8th December due to personal reason. So, next queue is on 13th December, Monday. But, when to comes the Monday, we been informed that the Nitrogen is already depleted and there are no other stock available in the school's lab.

So, the technician said, the next Nitrogen supply will be sent on Wednesday's evening or Thursday's morning. It comes to this moment, the Nitrogen supply under the name of Professor Bassim, is not in delivery, and it is expected cause from undelivered purchase order.

With that, progress of the activated carbon production is halted for 2 weeks and I'm focusing a little bit in writing and reading journal papers.

This is sites from Felda Holdings BHD, and I am focusing on the Felda Kernel Products Sdn Bhd. I expect that the research grand supply by Felda Holdings, and they interested to produce activated carbon from it. As you can see in the print screen, Felda Kernel Products Sdn Bhd owns four kernel crushing plants with a total capacity of 2,900 tonnes per day.

Waiting for the Nitrogen gas.