GPS for Mobile Phone (Malaysia Region)

December 14, 2010 iPai 2 Comments

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Today we will be looking to the GPS devices for mobile phone specifically to Nokia brand. GPS which stand for Global Positioning System that provide the location information with weather at anywhere on or near the Earth. It is maintained by the United States goverment and is freely accessible by anyone with GPS receiver. (National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on the Future of the Global Positioning System; National Academy of Public Administration (1995). The global positioning system: a shared national asset : recommendations for technical improvements and enhancements. National Academies Press. p. 16. ISBN 0-309-05283-1. , Chapter 1, p. 16)

So, Garmin is one the company that selling their products for GPS devices, and with our interest today is the software they invented for mobile phone. I would say, 2 years ago, Garmin is the only company that enable to use mobile phone as GPS devices and the only handphone that can be installed to is Nokia. It became popular that an addition of mobile phone function for GPS devices and it is very useful. It is call Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian S60 3rd Edition.
 Symbian S60 3rd Edition is the specific OS for Nokia mobile phone, in which other Nokia OS such as S40 and S20 can not be installed with this software. It was easy to know in determining the OS of your Nokia's OS. If your Nokia can installed software, its OS is S60. As far as I know, now it already reach to the 3rd Edition of S60, in which previous S60 is the old edition OS and it can not install new software with it. Garmin

Some interfaces of Garmin Mobile XT
There is setting for the route

 You can find important places or landmark
And, it provide time arrival and speed which alert you if you are speeding

Recently, there is new software, and I would say that, it could compete with Garmin software. It is call Ovi Maps.
I am not sure if the Ovi Maps is still in Beta mode, but i could say that you can trust on Ovi Maps to navigate your way back home. Ovi the new platform that Nokia created for the Nokia mobile phone user to download their free software. It provides game, anti-virus, support software and even player software. One of the sucess software is the Ovi Maps. I have used the Ovi Maps just once, and it may not sufficient enough time to cause me any trouble.
 For some developed country, the Ovi Maps may available in 3D. For Malaysia, is a long way to go.

 It also provide speed with the distance of the course. One thing that I would like to highlight here is the map interface. Compare to the Garmin's map interface, Ovi Maps is much more organize and simple, which it only display the important features in the map. In Garmin, all the thing that you see around you can be seen in the map and sometime it cause confusion. And the audio command for Ovi Maps is much more easy to understand, compare to Garmin. For example, if you have missed your junction, both software will calculate to get you back on track, make a U-turn is most probaly one way to get back on track. So, Garmin would say, 'Turn right and Turn Right' but Ovi Maps, would say 'Make a U-Turn', and you will really feel that Ovi Maps is a living person live in your mobile phone.
Ovi Maps have simple user interface and you will confuse in the first use to set your destination. In addition to that, Ovi Maps, do not have features like Garmin do. With Garmin you can specificly search for school, shoping complex, post office, bank, fuel station and lots more which each of it is categorize in one big group. So, you could search for specific things in emergency, for example, in searching of the fuel station.

As I said earlier, the Garmin Mobile Xt can be use only for Symbian S60 3rd Edition. And as for the Ovi Maps, it only can be use only specificly to 25 Nokia mobile phone only, and it is kinda sad, if your phone is not one of it.

So if you wanna buy new handphone with GPS, you might consider GPS function in your mobile phone. For me, it would be handy if you are in KL. 

For me, I wish to have both software in my mobile phone, because it cater in specific features that I love.


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xde ke yg free? sobs. pasang gps kt kete je lahh,