Thanksgiving Lunch Ceremony by Prof Rahman

December 28, 2010 iPai 3 Comments


Yesterday, 27th December 2010, was the Thanksgiving Lunch Ceremony hosted by Prof Rahman. He invited all master student, PhD student and also undergraduate student (Bob and me) to join the ceremony.

The ceremony start at 1PM and end at 2PM. The objective of the ceremony is to celebrate the achievement of Prof Rahman's research group which 27 published papers have been approved in year of 2010. Congratulations. Some pictures to be shown.

 The blue colour shirt is Prof Rahman. Standing beside him is Kak Husna, PhD student who conducting same project with me.

So, that day, I ate 6 slices of large pizza and that is equivalent to 3/4 of large pizza. And Bob, he ate 8 slices which equivalent to a whole large pizza. Wow ? At the end, we do not manage to finish up all the pizza. There are 5 boxes regular pizza, 1 box large pizza and 2 slices of large pizza are left out at the end.

Thank you Prof !!!


Wani said...

argh!! pizza x abih awat x bg tau??? lupakah anda ada tukang perabis pizza disini?? haish... -_-

emmmm..besnyeeee...nak jgaaaakkkkk..

iPai said...

wani ~ bukan tak nak bg tau .. tp prof rahman amik balik ...

izyan ~ tu la .. sedapkan ? uhuh nyum2 ..