Play Station Portable (PSP): Searching for ISO CSO Games

December 15, 2010 iPai 0 Comments

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For PSP owner, this post is dedicated for all of you, especially to the owner of PSP-1000 a.k.a PSP Phat with dimension 6.7"/170 mm wide x 2.9"/74 mm high x .9"/23 mm deep, display 4.3", 16:9 widescreen TFT LCD screen.
An ISO file, often called an ISO image, is in fact an "image" of an entire CD or DVD. The entire contents of a disc can be perfectly represented in a single ISO file. You can think of an ISO file like a box that holds all the parts to something that needs built - like a child's toy you might buy that requires assembly. The box that the toy pieces come in does you no good as an actual toy but the contents inside of it, once taken out and put together, become what you're actually wanting to use.(Source: While CSO is stand for Compresed ISO.

So, developers have create system for the PSP in which we could play the PSP Games through memory stick of the PSP, originally only use for save games, videos and music. it is call ISO loader and most pirated PSP games are downloadable as ISO images.

So, in searching ISO CSO games, the PSP gamers will come across to HAKO. Hako is person from Turkey that supply most of the ISO CSO games in internet (most updated compare to other sharer). Not only that, he/she also giving information for the firmware for PSP user to play the ISO CSO games. huhu, unfortunately some of people steal his links, and host it elsewhere. For those who want to download PSP games, you may go to Hako's Full Game at . You might wanna register to this forum to view the discussion post.

Recently, I just started back to play my PSP and with that, while I were sufing the internet, I will be searching for new game too. Then, I found one PSP Game blog, called PSP ISO. And I quite supprise with the game that he share.

Game #1 : Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO
PSP Game Name: Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO
Region: Japan
Language: Japanese
My comment: 
I did not try it yet, but I will. I am quite suprise because no one ever thought that it will come out as a game.

Game #2: Pokemon Black
PSP Game Name: Pokemon Black
Region: Europe
Language: English and Others
Post Link:
My comment:
Ok, this is really rare. All the pokemon game are only available to Nitendo console and it would never be on other console. But, I read through the comment to check wether it is really work or not, and based on the comment it work. One of the comment from the post ; By Xeong, October 5th, 2010 @ 10:28 pm
Hi everyone. This is a fanmade game. I tried it for a while. You can choose 1 of 3 pokemon on the table just like other games starting.
But seems that you can only get lv15. and your pokemon evolves twice. There is also ONE gym with the leader and 2 trainers outside, with 3 glass area for wild pokemon, but can’t catch them.
Is a mini game 11Mb. But really cute for who like pokemon games.
 And it also comes with Pokemon White ( So, if you like Pokemon, you can try it.

 Game #3: Tron Evolution
PSP Game Name: Tron Evolution
Region: Europe
Language: English and Others
My comment:
This game is based on the movie Tron which I planned to watch it and I might want to try this game.

For those who one to search more PSP Game sharer go to PSP Top 200 - Games, Videos, Wallpapers, news previews which they got 200 site list for PSP Game. Pick your favourite one, and for me, the 1st ranking is not definitly the best site.

So, now we will be looking a bit to new PSP, which is called 'PSP go System'. You can read all the preferences here, because I just want to highlight few points, it have 16GB hard drive: no need to carry around handfuls of game disks and memory sticks. It have built-in Bluetooth support to connect to a wireless headset or call friends’ PSP® systems, cell phones and landlines using our built-in Skype™ connection. It is 43% smaller than the original PSP®system, add an ultra-crisp 3.8 inch LCD screen, high quality graphics, and robust game-play.

This is the picture in comparing the PSP-3000 and PSP go. Note that, the screen of PSP go is slide upward to reveal the keypad. Wow ? Both of your hand will be much closer when you playing and that mean easily to get tired.
So, that's all for now. Tata