Process Design and Analysis

December 13, 2010 iPai 0 Comments

Salam .. (it supposely to be pose on 2nd November 2010)

The most crucial and challenging course in chemical engineer is finally over (for only semester 1)..It consist of all fundamental calculation that learn from first year till third year.

 Each team will having 5 members group which we are the oly group which consits of 3 different races. My group have been formed during second semester of third year by Raveena, in preparation to this course because of this course you will be needing a team members that compitable and can work along 24/7.

And now it has come to an end for the first semester and I would rather say it was something you would imagine before you taking this course.

I would like send my appreciation to Raveena, Chong Meng Yong, Teng Siaw Ping and Aziem for their help and teamwork for design. Thank you to Dr Tan Soon Huat for his advice in this project.

Next semester we will continue in the same project with different field which are the control system etc.
Group photo celebrating soon after design's viva at Secret Recipe@Juru