SNSD (Girls Generation) on Intimate Note - Credit to sarah_117 which credit to Soshi Subs

December 18, 2010 iPai 4 Comments

This morning I woke up and just browse to the internet, and found this link. Downloaded it, and take a sneak peak. It is really hilarious to see SNSD on Intimate Note show. I will watch it right away after I done with my room's work today.

It has been over 3 month that I started to watch Korean. Starting with Nobody music video (MV), Wonder Girls, my friends show me Family Outing, the famous reality TV show.

And lead to So Nyuh Shi Dae, Girls Generation. SNSD MV that I love is Gee and Oh!. And this continue to lead to more things. huhuhuh ..

Ok, today I would like to share the Intimate Note of SNSD.You may watch a sneak peak here. If you are interested in downloading it, I prepare the link at the end of the post, or you can just watch it on Youtube.

Episode Date: August 28th, 2009 
Cast: MC: Kim Gura & Moon Hee Joon, SNSD
Link :
Credit to : sarah_117 to upload it and Soshi Subs  for preparing the hardsubs.

Enjoy !!!


sweetpearl24 said...

lawak giler...

iPai said...

wani nak tak ? nanti sat g anta kat skype

sweetpearl24 said...

ada episod laen x??
nak nak nak

iPai said...

yg intimate tuh, satu je ..