Addicted - BLOGGING !!!

January 16, 2011 iPai 5 Comments


I am officially addicted in blogging. Too much work to do, and to many due date to catch up. Plant Design, FYP, Advance Process Control and Blog (Sekali tengok-tengok hupdate juga, baru je update post panjang (Masihkah Kau ingat) berjela tuh). "Hey me, you must control your eager"

Just reminiscing about the Essemen Susah.

Here I just want to state that, if you really HATE something (which usually it may give you positive outcome to you) you might end up with it someday.

In that Essemen susah post, I nagging about how hard the course (Process Dynamic and Control) that every student did not understand it, but now I end up taking the advance of that course which is the Advance Process Control for Industrial Application.

It just, I really like software way of knowledge. Hopefully I will score it and apply for this range of job's scope. Pray for me k. tata. Salam. Focus !!!! Selfish skit !!!


miss puteri said...

perlu selfish byk! all the best!

iPai said...

hee .. thanx !!!

i can see that ur addicted..hahahahhaha..

okla. atleast ak ade bnde nk bce hari2..

iPai said...

hahah ... wah2 ... terharu2 .. x addict,awek masyukk~

wahahah ;))