Seoul Garden@IOI Mall

January 31, 2011 iPai 7 Comments


Actually I did not know that the Seoul Garden have other branch than 2 in Penang. Huhuh. Thanx to Izyan, Sheqah and Miss Green Apple, together we had opportunity to eat there.

Most of the dishes are same with what we have in Penang, but here they have Kimchi !!! Yeah. We always  watch the Korea reality TV shows which they show how tasteful of kimchi is, and today I finally got the chance to taste it by myself. And I LOVE IT !!!


dekat juru pun da la kimchi~hehehe

d2z said...

itu laa pasal..dekat juru pon ada maa kimchi..aigoo~ :p jom aa nnt buat blogger gathering dekat mana2..mesti best..kn2..

iPai said...

wah ... ye ke ?? tak penah nampak pun .. opss ... ahhaha

jom2 ... ok juga .. kita nak wat bila ek ? uhuh


waaahh!nice idea...bloggoer gathering...watla before kite grad..hehehe

d2z said...

bila tu xtau aa..skrg masing2 sure busy..hahaha

iPai said...

yup2 .. busy kot .. nak pergi mana ? seoul garden juga ke ?

wah..sdp seyh..xpe,blk melaka bole mkn.melaka pun ada ok. :D