7 Wonders of USM Engineering Campus #4

January 22, 2011 iPai 7 Comments


So, now we reach at number 4 !!!!!! We are going to take a look at the Satelite view of USM Engineering Campus !!

This is the map of USM Engineering Campus in Nibong Tebal.

The 4th Wonders will be using this map. So bear with me, as I will reveal it one by one.

The first one is the USM Engineering Campus is Campus in a plantation field.
You can see in the white circle is the location of the palm oil plantation.
The white circle is the plantation in the campus and the yellow circle is the plantation outside of the campus.

Ok next is the, number of small lake exist in the campus. As you can see in the picture, there are 11 small lake present in the campus. For me, it is quite of number within in small area like Engineering Campus.

 So, lastly (Credit to IR Bob), the shape of the engineering campus. Who ever still remember what you have learn during your fourth former (Pure Science), you realised the engineering campus looks like a heart. Try to compare the original map with the heart's picture below.

So that's it. The #4 Wonders of USM Engineering Campus. Hee

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ladysheqa said...

amazing... wah concept yg sgt kemanusiaan..

pijat said...

haha..next wonders..cpt2 la update ye

iPai said...

ladysheqa ~ manusia2 ...

pijat ~ heheh .. sabar2 .. yg anda tunggu tuh lepas ni .. #5 ..

it's a wonder..hhaha

iPai said...

yup2 ...

putra87­™ said...

Next Wonders... Internet USM yang sangat laju... hahaha..

owh..yg ni ke4 ek.td aku silap la.

da pening tgh2 mlm ni.da la on9 gn hp je.