Slumberger Interview: My Experience of USM's Career Fair 2011

January 27, 2011 iPai 6 Comments

Salam and Greetings

Career Fair is the annual program that been conducted by the USM BHEP (Universiti Sains Malaysia, Student Affairs & Development Division) and one of the company that joined the exihibition was the Slumberger.

Yeah. Everyone knows about Slumberger. The popularity of Slumberger is much higher compare to other company (in my point of view) as in the career talk, there were alot of people willing to stand for an hour and enjoyed the talk.

If your Career Fair have a system that distribute students name to the company, and you were not be called by the company that you want, don't be stupid and start to feel sad (like me initially) because of it. Be proactive and go to the booth and ask them to put your name with other candidate. Most probably they will not refuse you because they value your attitude.

Good news to those who active in curicular activities. They really look into that part. So list as much as you could, as proof of your good experiences. And if you were actively involved in all the activities listed (not for those who just sign up and take the merit), this interview will be easy for you.

Don't be confuse as I would start using term 'level' and 'stage'

First level of interview, you will go for the First Screening Stage. In this stage, everybody will enter the interview room on by one and meet the recruiter. I read about other place for the Slumberger interview, some of them were similar with this method, and some of them are not. You can just read it for your preparation and knowledge.

So, we have 4 different room and every each room has different patterns of question. One of the room asking about yourself, and reason of joining Slumberger and the other room is giving a topic to talk and reason of joining Slumberger. Note that you have to answer both questions in less than 3 minutes and they are holding their stopwatch with them.

Some of the topics are, Mexico, Hepatitis B, Abu Dhabi, H1N1 etc. Mine was oil service company. Tips for this stage was, they want to see whether you can talk or not. So, just talk everything that you know about the topics. For example, my topic is about oil service company.

I talk about about what is the meaning the oil service company - company that giving service to company that own the oil and gas platforms. Example of the company - at that time, all I know is Slumberger, thats it. And their client - and at that time, the only thing I know is Petronas and Shell. LOL. Really short and simple. I am really frustuated because I couldn't talk more than that, but yet I'm suceeded. So they informed you and proceed to the second level.

Second level is the second stage of screening. The group project. They will devide you within a group of 5 and everyone will performing the project. The project was, build a tower of 120 cm high and can stand 8 ball golf. Extra point will be given for extra height 1cm = 1 marks and marks for material that you did not use. You be given (may differ with other interview) 15 A4 papers, 3 markers, wire about 30 cm, scissors, tape, and a pair of chopstick.

So, just discuss properly in 10 minutes, and draw your plan. Be active in your group and if you may, try to be more outspoken, giving good idea and be professional because they were watching. Then next 20 minutes build the tower that you plan. Your tower should be according to your drawing in the first 10 minutes discussion, or you marks will be deducted.

Then, after 20 minutes, they will test your structure and give you the marks. Among of the six groups, only one group suceeded to reach more than 120 cm and 2 of building could not stand even 1 golf ball. Then proceed to the presentation. You need to present in front of all the recruiter, so be ready. First of all, they will let us to start talking in 4 minutes, just explain the flow how do you get the idea, the structure, why do this, why don't you do that.

Tips here, don't ever try to talk alot till your group members don't have any points to present. It will kill you and your group. The recruiter want to see your team work in presentation, how do you let your friend to present their part and then back up your friends. Highlight your team's effort as they will (hopefully) mentioned yours.

Warning, they will ask a lot of killer questions, answer them wisely and always remember about your team work. Our group was being asked bout the height that only reach 107 cm. So, explain !!!! Oh yes, they want to test your mental of being scold too, it is one of the requiment. One group that I found out, have good structure but yet one of the team member conquering the presentation, none of them suceed to the next round. And another group, they structure didn't can ever stand by its own, but yet 1 (if I not mistaken) of them suceed to the final round.

Third level, one by one again, the first stage. Face to face. They will be asking about how passionate you are in joining Slumberger and they want to check whether you can stand the harsh working invironment. For example, if your grandmother pass away, you could just simply apply for emergency leaves. True story from my interviewer. So just answer it honestly. If not, later you will quiting.

She also mentioned about language. English, just make sure you can talk which other people can understand, simple and the message is delivered. Don't have to be perfect because you will be dealing with other part of world which their English might rojak as you are. So communicate well.

So, thats it and now I am waiting for the second stage interview with the manager, your future boss at the headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. And if I suceed, they will be another stage of interview or they will send you to Abu Dhabi for 2 weeks field exposure.

One of my lecturer share her experience in being interview by the manager. She said, she been interview for 3 hours with 2/3 different managers. Then, the senior manger, at the last of the stage, will invite you to join for lunch. Be really carefull, because he actually continue his evaluation on you during the lunch time.

For me, even if I did not get the job, I will be really gratefull to pass till this stage. Even now, I am still doubt bout my decision in joining Slumberger. Heee.

Just to add up something, if you guys want to find placement for the internship, you can apply also and will go through same process for the jobs applicants. You may go for internship, then finish your 1 year study, then Slumberger will call you to join back. So, 3rd year student or 2nd year student, you may join too.

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Just to add up something, if you guys want to find placement for the internship, you can apply also and will go through same process for the jobs applicants. You may go for internship, then finish your 1 year study, then Slumberger will call you to join back. So, 3rd year student or 2nd year student, you may join too.

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