7 Wonders of USM Engineering Campus #6

January 26, 2011 iPai 3 Comments


Yup .. Everyone is waiting for the number 6 Wonders of USM Engineering Campus. It is;
USM Engineering Campus: The Wildlife Sanctuary

Previously I posted about my photo jog a few weekends back. The purpose I photo jog is actually to gather pictures for this, the number 6, Wonders of USM Engineering Campus. If you come to USM Engineering Campus you might have a chance to see the diversity of species here. It is like you were in the garden of tame animal. So, the morning photo jog is to get the proof for you guys to see it. Ok. Lets check it out.

Here in Engineering Campus, you can see;
The birds are conquering the road. Playing tag.

My first stork. Its actually wanna some quality time to stare to the lake.

Squirrel. Sorry bad picture.

Second Squirrel. Sorry also bad picture

Second stork

No. 3 and no. 4 stork

Prawns King Bird aka White Brested Kingfisher.
Have to enchance the light balance using photoshop to brings up the colour of the bird
The actual picture is too dark

No. 6 and no. 7, No. 5 just flew by.

Er.. I don't know the species.

It is the bird's couple.

And last but not least;
Ok. They are not wild animal. They are PALAPES.

A few animals that I didn't encounter that morning;
Eagle aka Winston
Snap it with handphone's camera when I am on my way to lab.
Read about Eagle in USM

Big Lizard aka komodo besar
[No Picture]

And not to forget. This one; Cali
Source : Google

Ok guys. There will be no #7 Wonders.


comel pulak tgk benda2 pelik nii;)

iPai said...

hee ... thnx fifiey ..

aku tgk2 gmbr je la kn..ada 2 dlm otak.

zoo or taman burung?HAHAHAH ;))