How many of you check Your Nuffnang Xchange ?

January 21, 2011 iPai 3 Comments


So, do you regurlarly check your Nuffnang Xchange ? Or you never missed to click who ever pop uped in that Nuffnang Xchange ?

Hey, I do really need to check it out after this, because .... hahaha, I found my old friend from matrix. I think I recognise with the picture that he put as his ID. It is the same picture that he put in the friendster profile, thats why I could not miss it. Hahaha.  So lets meet the that special person ...

It is Sabree !!!!

It's look like he is doing a serious thing in bloging. Keep it up bro. Aku baru je nak stat ngensot-ngensot ..


Ui kenal lagi dekat aku ye ngeh2 btw thanks la weyh singgah appartment (blog) aku

iPai said...

uhuhu .. sama2 ... terkezut juga aku bila jumpa dgn ko .. uhuhu

ngensot2 pun da maju skrg ni..

tahniah la.:)