7 Wonders of USM Engineering Campus #5

January 24, 2011 iPai 10 Comments


Yeah .. Now we are reaching to #5 of Wonders of USM Engineering Campus. What would it be ???? Could you be expecting it ??

So the #5 Wonders is like a magnificent phenomena, which happen once a year in USM Engieering Campus. It only happen right after the monsoon season (what I mean is the rain season). There are some spesies of flower which I did not recognise it (by name), will bloom beautifully. Only after the rain season because, commonly it will look like this;

When the rain season ends, the flowers will bloom, in white and purple .. Bloom and shine, and we called it  
Spring Sonata 

And during this spring season, all engineering student will be like this;

The spring sonata is so special as if you feel like you are in Korea and Japan (Quote from Putra87). 
Seriously said, I felt same way as he does. We all here in Engineering Campus felt it.

Sorry, I don't have my own pictures for this wonder, because the spring sonata have not show up yet for this current year 2010/2011. So I have to borrom pictures from a friend of mine.Wani.
Or you can just browse Wani's Facebook for this particular event k? Link*Link
Thank you Wani !!!!

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putra87­™ said...

haha.. apa kess para² sakura.. winter sonata r... hoho..

iPai said...

eh salah eh .. hahhahah .. tp winter sonata tuh, winter .. hehehe

putra87­™ said...

tukr r... spsial utk usm jer.. spring sonata... xpnah g org wat.. haha.. tp skali jer mncul... xtau g bler nk dtg spring mcm aritu... hoho... sgt best.. trasa mcm g korea n jpun..

iPai said...

orait ... aku tukar .. thanx for comment

azie5ouh!8 said...

tym kat matrik last yr pun ada gak bunga ni blooming..XD

Wani said...

hahha...u r wlcm! ^^

<--waiting for the next episode 7 wonders of usm engineering campus, hakhaha

-apis- said...

para para sakura...hahaha
bkn semua eng student wat, ak hanya menonton ja..hahaha

iPai said...

azie ~ eh sama matrix ke ?

wani ~ wah .. sabar2 ...

apis ~ eh ye ke ?? bukan ada yg gerak2 kepala ke ..

azie5ouh!8 said...

dulu i matrik labuan arr..

ok la pai..USM mmg best.mcm2 ada..~