Akan off sehingga waktu busy tamat

February 17, 2011 iPai 2 Comments


Kepada pembaca yang setia datang singgah ke blog ini, terima kasih kerana sumbangan anda kerana berjalan-jalan di blog aku ini. Bacala post-post yang ada dalam blog ini, kerana mungkin anda dapat mengetahui sesuatu.

Pada ketika ini aku akan busy dengan macam-macam benda;
  • Writing final year project's report which will be submit 2 weeks from now, 
  • Plant design task which also will be submit 2 weeks from now, 
  • Advance process control project, miss the previous week report and have to catch-up.
  • Manage for the trip to Petronas Melaka
  • Manage project Care for kids, coursework which my group will go to kindergarten and tell them about safety awareness
  • Get ready for the Slumberger interview, which supposely I will be having the interview tomorrow. Cancel already.
  • Will received new project by tomorrow, for ASPEN Icarus project.
  • Manage the trip to Petronas Fertilizer, Kedah
Huuh !! I even have to cancel my plan to go to Marriage Course on this weekend . So, lets all pray together, we can deliver all our work to excellence. Gambate !!!!

Ops, tertukar BI dokh. Sowi ..


yer la ipai.. aku tunggu post ko la pas ko abis bz... ntah2 sok dah ader post baru.. hahaha
x per2.. anyway selamt membusykan diri.. hehehe

iPai said...

hahah .. jgn berkata begitu .. nanti ter'update' plak .. upss ..

thanx for the support