Welcome to our new and renew blogger friend !!!

February 11, 2011 iPai 5 Comments


Give a warm welcome to our renew blogger's friend Dark Light.
With his new blog's address;

Life In Noir
(You will be asking what is Noir??? Click to his blog ok..)

One of the important people who introduced me to the blogger.com.
So do go to his new address and read his post.
(To Dark Light: Don't forget to update ok)


Give a warm welcone our new blogger's friend Qalbi
ciK tiaQaLbi: sTorY si IsteRi ComeL

Yaa, she just make this new blog purposely for her new life as a wife.
(Just married two weeks ago) 
Read about her wedding
http://izyannazihah.blogspot.com/2011/02/qalbis-wedding.html - Credit to Izyan
http://ladysheqa.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/its-a-new-thing/ - Credit to Sheqa
Eventhough, I have met her once which been introduce by my old friends, she remembers me so well.
Sorry Mrs Qalbi, on that day I have not back home yet.
Have some campus activity held by junior and they invited me as their VIP. hehehe

So, do support them !!! Chaiyok !!!


Wani said...

wahwahwah, ada blogger baru lah, mari terjah blog depa!! ahahahha...

hai blogger baru, saya pon baru jugak ^^

iPai said...

hee .. wani baru ek ?

Dark Light said...

waa... thanks for the warm welcome, buddy!

iPai said...

ur welcome .. uhuh

owh.. xperasan ini entry.. heheh.. anyway..thanks ipai. slmat berblogging.. weeeeeee