3 tips on how to get better search in Google

April 14, 2011 iPai 6 Comments


Google is powerful tools and now even it have become a verb of it. If you did not sure of it, people would say,

"Just Google it"

But sometime sometime, most of the people do not have the correct way to google it, they just put the common keyword, and hope it will direct you to the most suitable and resourceful site that you want. But it does not work that way. So here, I just highlight, some of the basic method of google which will help you in the future.

1. The use of (site:)

This is the first technique that I learned from my ex-roomate. This method is to use to search within the specific site that you want. For instance, in my case, I always use this keyword in searching song in the host (e.g 4shared). So, let say you want to search a new movie in 4shared, you type in the google box as shown below;

site:4shared.com Source Code Movie (2011)

It also can be apply to search within a blog web;

site:ipai-ans.blogspot.com ipai tersangat hensem dan cuba mengurat nisa suka menaip

2. The use of (" ")

This one, is use when you have a phrase to search. In ordinary case, when you search a phrase Google ussually give results base on the words present in the Google box, without considering the arrangement of the words. Most of your search might end up with thousand results and its must be difficult to filter it out. But sometimes, this method, might not gives better results also, because your results have constraint to the phrase only. For practical, you may try to Google your full name, with the phrase search and without phrase search. Compared it;

"Your Full Name" -> Google it
Your Full Name -> Google it

You will get, the one with search with phrase will gives you less result than the one without the phrase search. And also check which results that reffering to your correct profile e.g Facebook, Friendster, twitter

3. The use of (-)

This is use to eliminate the term to the reference that you stated. Ok, let's focus to the applications, let say you wanna search about Kodak and you do not want any refference to camera. You type;

Kodak -> Google it
Kodak -camera -> Google it

As you try it, when you put to search the Kodak keyword, the first results came out with camera keyword (digital camera). Sometimes, you want this keyword being eliminated so that you can filter the one that you wanted. For this technique, you can discard as many keyword as you want.

Kodak -camera -software -photograph

In some point, if you put this particular search you might end up with something that you never cross before. Like, for example, I got a Material Safety Data Sheet for Kodak !!! LOL . For those who did not know about Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS, MSDS is a sheet of paper which giving us information about the safety of the chemicals (commonly). It includes the toxicity, the flamable range and whatnot.

That's all for now. Happy Googling !!!

Opss. Sorry, there is only one more tips that you might want to try out. It is call;

Type keyword in the lmgtfy box (same like Google box), then click button 'Google Search'. After that, there is one link appear below, copy that link and copy paste to the address bar (the one that you put http://www......) or just click blue button 'Go'. Its really help you to get 'better' result.


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