Viva and Presentation #2 and #3 with tips ?

April 11, 2011 iPai 4 Comments


To all chemical engineering students specificly and all engineering students generally, good luck for your viva and presentation. Please prepare yourself with all the basic and fundamental knowledge that been learned for 4 years.


For Chemical Engineering student of USM, this week is the Plant Design presentations and FYP presentation. These are some tips for your guys to follow; Source: Viva Slide Advice

  • Number of Slides: If you are going to say anything about a slide, you need to give it at least 15 seconds, preferably more; more than an average of two slides per minute may be too fast. Remember that even if you are not saying something about a slide, the audience still needs to have time to be able to see the slide and work out what it says.
  • Animations / Transitions: Do not use a lot of animations, builds or transitions in your PowerPoint slides; if you have to click and wait for every line to come up, it will slow down your talk, and interrupt your flow.
  • Be careful with colours: make sure your text and line diagrams are a contrasting colour to the background. White or pale yellow text on black or dark blue is fine; black or dark blue on white is good; do not use light blue on dark blue, or pale grey on slightly-darker grey, as this makes it difficult to read. Note that the contrast on the PC screen is usually better than on the projector, so the projected image will always be harder to read than the monitor.
  • Do not try to put too much on one slide: if the text is very small, the audience will not be able to read it. 18-point is about the minimum for normal text.
  • Do not use sounds for transitions; this is just annoying, slows down the transitions and interrupts your speech. In many viva rooms there are no speakers anyway.
  • Do not "just read" your slides: When doing your presentation you should face the audience, and say something that is not on the slide. The audience can read the slide faster than you can talk, so just reading the slide out loud is pointless- you should explain or add detail to the points on the slide.
  • Do not use "busy" backgrounds: It is possible to put lots of detail, and even animated pictures into the background of PowerPoint slides. Don't - it is distracting, and can make bits of the text and diagrams disappear into the background. 
In summary just use the available theme in the Microsoft Power Point, and just put some minor animation in the slide and also, just put keyword, so that you would not read your slide.

Another tips on how to have a good presentation;
Cant see it ? Click to enlarge it and save it

Good luck to all of you !!!

P/s: I'm in school's computer lab, cannot focus in the room. LOL. I'm afraid, yesterday event might happen again !!


Aidil Salleh said...

wahh...thnx 4 da info...sgt mmbntu utk next2 viva...hehe....


iPai said...

Same2 .. gud luck utk exam !!

**Sy!eRA_N** said...

haha..bru nak letak bnyk2 transition sbb syiera mmg suka letak bnda2 x pekdah kat slide...nangis...T_T

btw,nice tips iPai!!

putra87­™ said...

Gud luck naufal!! Selamat berviva... nnt leh tlg utk viva aku lak ea... hahahaha..