Industrial Talk by Honeywell Engineering Sdn Bhd

April 07, 2011 iPai 2 Comments


Today we, final year Chemical Engineering students (Top 20 =P) have an industrial talk by Honeywell Engineering Sdn Bhd. Besides Petronas and Schlumberger, this is one of my favourite company and I dream of working there in the future.

Our speaker is Mr Husni Sulaiman, Country Manager of Honeywell (top gun of Honeywell coming to USM, wow, junior of Dr Syamsul from Sekolah Alah Shah, SAS) sharing about the sustainability issue in designing new plant. I would say, this is one of my favourite industrial talk because of his sharing in technical things based on his experience.

Mr Husni kinda cool and soft talker

 The technical things

 Miss Ain as MC

Token of appreciation to Mr Husni Sulaiman
After he finished his speech, I quickly grab him to pass my resume. =). Yup, I printed earlier so that I can pass it to him. If you really want to work there, you have just go with it. Hopefully, he will take a look then recommend to his HR to take me !! Hahah 

Suddenly, Dr Abdus came to the room and start explaining about RLKA, Rancangan Latihan Kakitangan Awam. Huhu, For those who want to be Mechanical School lectures, you might wanna check this out.
As far that I concern, RLKA for Chemical school and Material School is already full. So the want that available are from school of Mechanical and school of Aerospace. According to Dr Abdus, he said that they really want some of the Chemical Engineering student and other school (Material and physic) to join their research team.
For those who concern about money, you must read this, it is;

Keching !! Keching !!

 List of field that available

Sponsor from USM, RM 1500 for MSc !! 

 Anyone who interested, regradless whenever school you from, just go to the website for more info. Note that, after you complete the form, sent it to Dr. Abdus e-mail


ogies said...

cepat sugguh post...
ciap dh bg resume kot.. haiiiz.. laju noh..

iPai said...

uhuh .. dunia sekrang makin laju, maka kita pon kene lagi laju !!