Viva and Presentation ALL DONE !!!

April 13, 2011 iPai 5 Comments


DONE !! Now I can focus to other things. LOL. Done with all vivas and presentations. A few hours earlier, I done my FYP's viva. I think it is quite ok because, the lecturer is not as dasyat as Miss Wani had (Sian kat dia tau, jadual bertukar-tukar). Is not that she did not prepare earlier, but she plan her time already and supposely she have her session tomorrow, but suddenly its change for today session. Plus the examiner is quite dasyat. (Rilex ek wani, jap lagi kita bawa pergi jalan-jalan)

Everytime you done something, do not regret in what you did, because you might end up to be sad for things that already pass. But what you can do is, look back and see what improvement that you can make. Because, you can read a lot of viva tips, but only a few you can apply. When you check back, you should realise something that you can improve. For instance, myself, I like to prepare slides last minute, because (most of us will say), you afraid that you might forget your point and what you study. But I tried so hard to prepared it as early as Monday. Then, I keep readings the the slide while finding keywords that I should know.

So, in that way, I keep on reading materials till the time I have to go to the viva room. So, its just me, your strategy might be different from me. For those who will go for viva's session, ALL THE BEST !! and GOOD LUCK !!! Pray for your success !!

P/S: Now, cuti 5 hari sebelum nak study day for 22nd April Paper. What only one paper ?


Wani said...

tima kasih ah pai.. ^__^
dah tak sedih dah.. =)
jalan2 skali dengan makan na,lapa giler dari pagi tak makan..

syiera said...

congratz!!mine double next week..pray 4 me too...

miss puteri said...

congrats! pheww... boleh legakan... cuti lama! jom naik broga!!hehe

sarzli said...

tahniah beb..

iPai said...

wani ~ sudah kenyang kan ??

syiera ~ gud luck syiera ... al the best !!

put ~ uhuhu .. tak lama, ade join kursus 3P kat induk .. uhuh

sarzli ~ thanx uhuh