Plant Design Viva DONE !!!

April 12, 2011 iPai 6 Comments


Like I mentioned in the previous post, for the chemical engineers to graduate, we need to have 2 big projects which equivalent important which are the plant design project and the final year project. The plant design project is a project consists of 4-5 members of the group to conduct the plant design as it were so real and started from nothing.

Which mean, we need to find the location, the raw material and calculate the equipment for our process. So, it is quite tough course, because for me, I personally felt that, the plant design is more crucial than the final year project.

So, at 12 PM, my group officially finished te presentation sucessfully. I am so glad that all of it come to the end. Huhuh.

Then after that, we went to Old Town White Cofee to celebrate. Yuhuu !!!

Thank you, you guys !! Best group ever !!!!!! 


me suya said...

pasni berfoya2 la untuk cr kerja ke. lepak ke.. ape2 je la.. jnji best!

**Sy!eRA_N** said...

alhamdulillah..fokus FYP pulak pasni..hohoho

iPai said...

suya ~ thanx .. suya .. chaiyok2 for exam n fyp !!

syiera ~ yup2 .. esok fyp !! uhuh thanx

all the best for your Viva!!

azie5ouh!8 said...

nama projek final korang viva eyhh??
congrats anyway for the viva...!

iPai said...

Rozuan ~ Thanx !!

Azie ~ nama ye, plant design of 1,3-propanediol