Last class LHP 456 - Spoken English

April 08, 2011 iPai 6 Comments


Thursday's evening (yesterday) was the last session/class of LHP 456, spoken english. Guess what, our last session was in cinema hall, Sunway Carnival. LOL. Miss Aniza (teacher) really like us very much till she propose to have this kind of unique last session. Huhuh. We all watched 'Source Code' !!!

I rated Source Code as 4/5 because its complexity to make me wonder. LOL. Seriously, you must focus. For those who do not like a twisted kind of story, please pick other movie.

Group from Chemical Eng 4th year. Bob was driving 130 KM/hr when this picture was taken

We were the first group to reach there first.

Second group arrived

Then, next Miss Aniza !!

15 tickets !! oh yeah !!

After finish watched the movie, we were having an intense debate bout the conclusion of the movie. Daa

 Freeze Frames !! Cheese !!

 Window shopping and blue carpet !!

 And something special here. Guess what is it ?


En Jay said...

gambar ecah anak gajah xde ke? hahaha

iPai said...

hahah ... die tak kasi upload kot .. hahah

ayshah said...

buli seyh T.T

Cik Pelangi said...

Something special? New perfume?

iPai said...

pelangi ~ uhuhu ... rahsia

same la kite,,following u..