Meet Ping Fairy Tales

April 14, 2011 iPai 3 Comments


Have you ever try to read other language blog ? Hehe. Let me introduce one of my good friend here, Teng Siaw Ping, my Plant Design teamate. Nowdays, technologies are more advanced than we were. Previously, we could not exchange thought with someone which located far away from us, then comes the letter. Then, telephone invented, closer the gap. Finally the internet make the world's life easier. With that, a lot of gadget been invented too. And the one that I want highlight here is the Google Translate.

For those who using Google Chrome, the Google Translate are embeded into the browser, and can be use directly. For other browser, you can just search Google Tranlate or just click the link up there. So, back to our title here, she is one of friend. A good friend. She is nice, sweet also. Anyone who want to know her, just contact me. A good candidates for good wife and mother. Hehe.

 From left, Teng Siaw Ping and Aziem.

One day, after Advance Process Control meeting, I caught her typing a post. I quickly memorised her blog address and search as soon as I got back to my room. And starting from that moment, I read her blog by using the Google Translate. Eventough, some word and phrase mix up and make no-sense but, at least I got some the general idea. (But mostly I could not understand after translation, may cause from the sentence structure). So, the one that I understand, I will put a comment. Hehe.

To Siaw Ping, if you are reading this, please continue to write and post interesting post and don't bother about type it in English. Thank you for your help and support during Plant Design and Advance Process Control. Hope you will achieve things that you desired. All the best for you


Wani said...

siaw peng pon ada blog!!
add lah saya... *mcm fesbuk pulak nk add2 nih*

iPai said...

uhuh .. tu laa .. add add add !!

Admin said...

Numpang baca2 artikelnya ia :)