Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)

June 01, 2011 iPai 3 Comments


One word to describe this movie,

Awesome !!!!!

You will laughing at the begining of the movie till the end. It is super super hilarious and you can see a very noble and matured Po at the of the movie. It so damn good. It is a must for you guys to watch it.

They got awesome plot, a very good emotion, good action, good kung fu, the more matured Po, and brand new Po's comedy. And I expect the will be Kung Fun Panda 3. huuu !!!



miss puteri said...

cool! awesome! superb! in love dgn Po..hehe.. sgt best mcm nak tgok lagi dan lagi!hee

mye said...

xtgok lg r..
tp sume kte best jew..

iPai said...

Put ~ betul2 .. nak tengok juga lagi sekali ..

mye ~ jemput tgk .. best ..